Let's Talk About BirdsPaul Gerace

Let’s talk about the Emerald Toucanet

Emerald ToucanetBy Paul Gerace

The Emerald Toucanet is the smallest of the 6 toucan species found here in Costa Rica. It also has the shortest bill.

It’s a very colorful bird with shades of green including emerald, grass, and olive. Other colors displayed are red, blues, chestnut, yellow, & white.

The green body easily blends into the rainforest so it is sometimes hard to see.

The Costa Rican Emerald Toucanet is different from those found in Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and South America because of it’s blue throat.

They can be found in the mountainous cloud forests here in Costa Rica. I took this photo at Bosque del Tolomuco Lodge which is about 20 minutes outside of San Isidro.

Just another one of the colorful and amazing birds that can be found throughout Quepolandia. See more bird photos HERE