Kids Saving the Rainforest

KSTR – April 2022

KSTR LogoDaniHi Guys, it’s Dani, your spokeskid for KSTR!

Today, I am excited to share 3 stories about animals at the sanctuary with you—1 about an animal who is there for good but very happy and has a girlfriend, one about an animal fighting hard to get back out into the wild, and one very inspiring story about a friend of MINE who helped save an injured animal at KSTR.

Darwin is a spider monkey who was rescued from someone who was keeping him as a pet, and introduced him to people a lot. Darwin was aggressive towards people, and the pet owner asked KSTR to take him. Darwin continues to be aggressive towards people—but he has settled in very nicely at KSTR, and even has a roommate—or as I like to call her, a Girl friend (named Nina—who is also a spider monkey).

Next is a Capuchin Monkey named Arfonzito, who was electrocuted and had damage to his tail. After trying to save his tail, the vets at KSTR had to amputate his tail to save his life. He’s currently recovering at KSTR, and he is trying hard to learn how to live (and move) without his tail, so that he can go back to nature, where he belongs!

Now it’s time for the story I have been waiting to tell you! This is a very inspiring story about a tiny Oriole bird, who was found by a friend of mine named Richard (who also saved my life from a snake bite—but that’s another story for another time!) Richard is a very talented artist—and my dad and I keep up with him on Instagram even when we are not in Manuel Antonio (@ohh_my_richard). Richard found this Oriole injured when he was out for a walk, and he contacted KSTR right away. It was too late in the evening to bring him in, so Richard took good care of him overnight and then dropped him off in the morning with KSTR. From the way the Oriole looked and the damage to his body, it appeared he was attacked by a bigger animal and managed to escape. Now he is recovering at KSTR, and they plan to release him soon!

Thanks for reading, and happy Easter! I look forward to sharing more stories in the future 🙂

Any donation to KSTR will help these and many other animals stay safe and be rescued when they are in need!