Guest Writer

Jan (Juanita) Page

Friends remember Jan (Juanita) Page

Juanita“Jan loved her little town of Quepos. Jan will be missed and remembered by those who knew her and loved her in their own way. She attended  Kansas State University obtaining a degree in Spanish, go figure. After a few years working Jan received a master degree in business from Avala University Kansas City Missouri.  In en la paz mi Hermana” Steve Richards (brother)

“In my 17 seasons  in Quepos/Manuel Antonio I have known Juanita in many roles—first as proprietor of the laundry, then as a drinking buddy at Tio Fernando’s bar — she would arrive first after the laundry closed at five, talk to Carlos the bartender–then Pierre would come, then the rest of our gang—lots of joyous evenings that cemented friendships. For many years  we played cards together—Hand and Foot at Randy and Klaus’ on Sunday afternoon, bridge at Dos Locos on Tuesday. I came to admire Juanita’s courage—courage in coming to Costa Rica as a middle aged woman alone and establishing  a life for herself, a life she enjoyed and  lived according to her own standards. She certainly showed great courage in the way she dealt with serious illness these past two or three years. I’ll  particularly miss her at Dos Locos on Tuesday at noon!” Ira Hayes

“Juanita (Jan), had a dream to fulfill when she came here. She left her family in the USA, established a business, bought a home, made friends, sold the business, loved to play cards. She was a very private person, a very few of us knew bits and pieces of her life story. Her contributions to the group varied to the extent that was possible without being uncomfortable to her. It is as much as we can ask from anyone in the group of different people with different dreams. If there are bridge games and canasta games in the beyond, she will be happy.” Paul and Mary

Perhaps in her innocence she brought the game of Hand and Foot to Quepos. But every Sunday we have played her gift and, the last Sunday of her life we brought her up the stairs in a metal chair.  She won!  We miss you, Juanita, and wish you were here.” Sunday’s Hand and Foot Group :Aaron Granados, Pablo Granados, Keith Johnson, Klaus Merrell and Randy Rice,  Paul and Mary Reiber, John Ruhl and Luther Winden

Daine Janelle Page was her name, but she preferred Juanita. The Costa Ricans called her this & she adopted it. Having a great knowledge of the Spanish language, loving their humble ways of doing thigs, and appreciating their food—she made it her own lifestyle. Being straightforward, frank and strong with her decisions and opinions, we had many enjoyable times discussing these ideas together. Loyal and discrete, we shared these traits in our friendship. A free spirit, respectful of others’ ways of living, she’d choose silence instead of hurting someone.

Her brain was as organized as a surgeon. The way she planned the end of her life, carefully orchestrating everything so as not to bother anyone with these details, is a great example of her concern for the people she loved and respected. Thank you Juanita!

Pierre Guay

Rosita Mora Sanchez had been taking care of Juanita for years. From Juanita’s beginnings in business, through her triumphs in her personal life, Rosita was there. She also took careful care of Juanita during those periods of illness especially at the end. She has been as devoted to her as to her own mother.

Juanita called her, “My guardian angel!”

To Rosita, A very big Gracias!