Tey ArceTiti Conservation Alliance

Inspiring Education Arises

By Tey Arce

A famous quote says “The important thing is not so much that every child should be taught, as that every child should be given the wish to learn.” Here is a simple question: How many special classes and teachers inspired your life? Was there any course you loved so much you didn’t want to miss a lesson?

Titi Conservation Alliance

With this in mind, and supported by the Local Education Ministry, Titi Conservation Alliance is doing a local education revolution for conservation and enjoyment all together. Starting 2012, ten schools are receiving a whole new inspiring environmental education program. Intended to be an unforgettable experience, kids will receive three-month courses of environmental lessons while playing. Aiming to teach them to love and protect nature, selected subjects match their reality and environment. Kids learn through experience. The experience of doing their own nursery, of reforesting the Naranjo Corridor, of enjoying a field trip, of playing non-stop every lesson, of drawing their school’s environmental problem map and the experience of developing a biodiversity research project with an application that may benefit the scholar community socio-economically.

We need our kids to fall in love with their environment. We need our kids to become ambassadors for a better region. Going beyond mere teaching is eventually a great strategy and we applaud Titi Conservation Alliance for it! If you want to have more information about the organization, the funds management, or just be part of this revolution: [email protected].

This year’s new participants in the Environmental Education Program include Los Delfines School and Anita School. Also, Titi Conservation Alliance welcomes Colegio Los Delfines, Villa Vigia, Hotel La Mariposa and Palma Tica as new members for 2012. Thanks Tulemar, Byblos and Vita Realty for supporting new donation campaigns.