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IGFA Offshore World Championship

Top Angler: Craig John White (Whitey) representing the Shimano West Australian Open
Top Angler: Craig John White (Whitey) representing the Shimano West Australian Open

By Sarah Munro

Marina Pez Vela just hosted the IGFA Offshore World Championship.  In case you don’t know what that means – its the biggest billfish tournament series in the world, and Quepos rocked it.  And the fish most definitely ROCKED IT. 

Top AnglerThe results speak for themselves with 67 teams representing 31 different countries, bringing in a total of 821 Billfish.  Yeah, you’re reading that right….. 821 Billfish.  The tournament was won by the team representing Lyford Cay Offshore Tournament in the Bahamas, with a whopping 29 sailfish, and a 27 pound dorado.  Seriously FREAKING AWESOME.  Big shout out to the Aussie team – many locals will recognize the included photos.  These guys fish and party like we only dream of.  And no worries, those 821 fish are still out there – this is catch and release country.  No marlin on the menu. 

Hard-workin' ThumbsThe bite is fantastic, obviously, and our charter fleet offers something for everyone.  Whether you’re a first timer, avid fisherman, or looking for the experience of a lifetime, you’re in the right place.  You can charter anything from 15 to 60 feet, go inshore, or offshore.  Check out the rest of Quepolandia, there are many boats to choose from.  

IGFA Offshore World ChampionshipYou never know who you’re going to run into here, there are chance meetings all over the place.  I ran into a couple at Marina Pez Vela this week and we got to talking about why people come here.  They started coming here 20 years ago, and the reason was fishing.  I asked how things have changed and their response was  “There are just more people.  The fishing is still fantastic, the best in the world really.”  

So, get your fishin hat on and get out there.  I know I am.  Fish on Friends, FISH ON! 

Sarah Munro is an ex-pat Canadian living in the Manuel Antonio area who has been fishing since infancy.  Rumor has it she gutted her first fish before she was diaper trained.  Looking for an inside tip??   Email her at [email protected]

Be sure to check the next Quepolandia, Sarah’s going fishing……… 

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