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Auricular Therapy

AURICULAR THERAPYBy  Dr. Eugene MacDonald (Acupuncture Physician)

Auricular Therapy is based on the principle that correct stimulation of the precise pinpoint-sized pressure points located on the ear result in a powerful healing response in corresponding limbs and organs of the body.  The stimulation causes the body to release anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety chemicals and hormones.  It also dilates or constricts the blood vessels to improve circulation or stop bleeding and to increase white blood count amongst many other powerful effects.
Holis Wellness Center

Early in his practice Dr. Gene noticed that this method got faster results than traditional acupuncture and in most conditions the results, including pain relief were experienced almost immediately, often before leaving the treatment room.

Auricular Therapy is not new. The Chinese developed and mastered a system over thousands of years and most recently a European school has developed as well. Dr. Gene has refined his own method based on the teachings of the renowned Auricular Therapy master, Dr. Li Chun Huan, and on his own experience and intuition.

The experience of an Auricular treatment is unique and very powerful as the stimulation of the pressure points in the ear often help release deep tensions that are “locked” in the body creating a strong sensation of letting go.

Acupuncture works even if other therapies have had little or no results. Individual results vary and depend on many factors such as how chronic the condition is and how long the patient has been experiencing it. Even though in many cases relief can be immediate, it is recommended that the patient discuss the treatment process at length with Dr. Gene.

The first step in the treatment process is correct diagnosis of the prevailing condition. A description of symptoms combined with traditional Asian methods of diagnosis, such as pulse, tongue and Hara reading, give Dr. Gene the information needed to determine the best treatment.

Dr. Gene uses a combination of traditional Chinese acupuncture (with needles), Japanese Toyo Hari needle therapy and the acupuncture microsystem known as Auricular therapy (without needles).

Dr MacDonald will be attending at Holis Wellness Center 2 days a week , for more information or an appointment please call 2777-0939 or email us at [email protected],  www.spaholis.com

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