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What’s Shaking @ Marina Pez Vela – May/June 2024

WHAT AN AMAZING START TO 2024!  The first months of this year have meant so much to the family at Marina Pez Vela and our local community. Certainly, the highlight of the first trimester of the year has been the overwhelming return of our friends, families, and tourism industry which has surpassed the expectations of even the most optimistic projections. At the Marina, from the record setting RockStar Tournament in January right through to the Marina Pez Vela Open and Offshore World Championships in late April, it has been amazing to see the energy, passion, smiles, and absolute love affair which our new and returning guests are enjoying with our community and facility. While May and June used to signal the end of a high season, they are now a welcomed transition into the refreshing first rains of the year and what promises to be a busy summer travel season.

The Marina continues to celebrate our community and this destination with some great events, celebrations and some incredibly fun tournaments to keep on your schedule for May and June.

Summer Shootout, July 6

The Summer Shootout is a one-of-a-kind tournament that everyone should find a way to participate in if possible. Unlike most tournaments which are focused on either one species (Dorado Derby) or are Billfish-focused, the Summer Shootout is all about diversity and time. Anglers and teams have all day to try to capture as many species as possible in a day. The event is really a celebration of the diversity of our rich marine environment and an opportunity for big and small boats, along with anglers of all shapes, sizes, and experience levels to enjoy fishing inshore, offshore, trolling, and bottom fishing with up to 20 available qualifying species. Do not miss a chance to participate and create some unforgettable memories in this year’s Summer Shootout.

We Are MPV

While we will always be sharing news and events in this newsletter, we will also be featuring one of our tenants, charter operations, or departments to being to share with you all a glimpse of all of the people and teams who make this project so amazing. This month we highlight Marsha Bennet and Quepos Tackle Shop.

It is quite simply impossible to think about the Sportfishing industry and history of Quepos without highlighting the fingerprints of Marsha Bennett, owner/heart and soul of the Quepos Tackle shop. Marsha, operated her iconic The Runaway Grill restaurant that has fed so many of our families with love, passion, stories, and laughter. Marsha is a world class angler and has been a part of the growth of the Sportfishing industry here from day one. It is fitting that her Quepos Tackle shop, located right on the waterfront is now equipping our fleet of boats and visiting anglers with everything that need to continue setting record, catching memories, and building the lore of the very industry she helped to put on the map. Whether you are an experienced veteran or preparing for your first trip out on the water, don’t miss the chance to visit Marsha and her team at the Quepos Tackle Shop.