Marina Pez VelaWhat's Shaking? @ Marina Pez Vela

What’s Shaking at Marina Pez Vela – September/October 2019

What's Shaking headerAHHH…September and October…the DOUBLE EDITION of the Quepolandia. This wonderful time of year where we typically have the rainiest of weather, the slowest of tourism numbers, and the best kept secret in all of Costa Rica. What is that secret you ask? Come close so I can whisper it to you…Thats it…A bit closer…“THESE ARE TWO OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, SERENE, COOL, AND ENJOYABLE MONTHS TO SPEND IN THE MANUEL ANTONIO AREA!”  Looking to spend all day tanning, maybe February is for you. Hoping for packed restaurants and bars…Semana Santa will be here soon enough. For anyone reading this article you are either a local (congrats) or one of the lucky visitors who braved the ‘rainy season’ fears and will get to experience this town, the rainforest, and Marina Pez Vela in some of its purest forms. Don’t let the sleepy feel and sometimes rainy weather fool you, there is PLENTY going on and lots to get ready for in the coming months as these tranquil days are the restful periods before our 2019-2020 madness starts again before you can blink an eye.

Whale Watching

What was once a quite natural phenomenon has become a PILLAR of our low season tourism flow and an incredibly important financial push for our community. Whale Watching is at its FULL PEAK during September and October and it is one of the most amazing experiences you can ever witness. These majestic creatures are part of the longest mammal migration cycle on the planet and we get to watch the first steps of it with the mothers and calves in the waters right off our shore. Marina Pez Vela is proud to be promoting and a launch pad for this important experience and in addition to all the promotion we do as a project, we are also proud to be giving courses from Marine Biologists, MINAE, and some of our local residents about sustainable practices and how to understand these species, educate our tourists, and protect these amazing animals. Do NOT miss out on the opportunity to experience these whales up close and you can reach out to our team at for more information on a tour, private boat charter, or personalized experience.

All Hallows Eve… aka Halloween

This has become one of the most enjoyable and family focused nights at the marina. As an expat and father, we used to plan small trick or treating events in neighborhoods, then some expat parties to be able to experience and share in the fun and over the past few years Marina Pez Vela has become a MELTING POT for our local community and expat community. What was once a holiday which invoked a bit of fear in many of our local residents, Marina Pez Vela has created a safe, fun, family environment which we invite everyone to share in this year as well. Our iconic haunted house will be open again for a multi night run so stay tuned to our webpage and facebook page for more details as the dates approach. This night is one of those special times here families of all shapes, sizes, socioeconomic levels, and backgrounds join together to smile, laugh, dress up, and celebrate the integration of cultures and spaces which is at the heart of everything we do at Marina Pez Vela. There will be prizes for the best costumes and each year we see more and more creativity and fun!

The Dorado Derby, November 16 2019

TO ALL OF OUR LOCAL BUSINESS OWNERS, FAMILIES, AND FRIENDS…MARK THIS DATE AND BOOK A BOAT. The 2nd annual Dorado Derby is ON and it is one of the most enjoyable, fun filled, and exciting tournaments we host here. No experience, no problem. This is a family and friend focused one day tournament which is scheduled around the most intensives bite of Dorado (mahi mahi) of the entire year. The entry fees are low, there are a host of charter boats available and the rules are simple. Catch dorado and have fun. There are prizes of all shapes and sizes, tons of opportunities to win, a huge fish fry and party on the docks at the end of the day. This is a GREAT way to get your business ready for the season, team building, a chance to share with family and friends, and experience what it is like to participate. RESERVE your boat now and join in the fun!