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What’s Shaking at Marina Pez Vela – November 2019

What's Shaking headerWhat an amazing September and October we have enjoyed here in the area and what was once an incredibly sleepy time of year has become something of a phenomenon in the area. WHALES WERE EVERYWHERE and this amazing experience has become an integral part of extending the tourism season here in Costa Rica and also creating an opportunity for tens of thousands of Costa Rican families to take advantage of the green season rates and explore this part of the country. As we roll into November, we have some AMAZING activities right on the horizon and it is never too soon to start marking dates, planning and making sure you are part of the action.


Arguably everyone’s favorite Holiday as our “turkey day” knows no religion and is a day of feasting, football, friendship, and family. What’s not to love and the Thanksgiving tradition is quickly gaining more and more popularity here in Costa Rica as locals get invited to share and experience the warmth of this special day with expats and tourists alike. The marina and our restaurants will once again be rolling out the red carpet with both traditional Thanksgiving Day meals and some non-traditional ones as well for people who want to share in the love, but not in the tryptophan induced naps after 5 pounds of turkey and stuffing. After your Turkey Day feast or in the days leading up to and after make sure to stop by Gelataria Amorosi here in the Marina for some Pumpkin Pie Gelato which is too die for…and if they still have their Whiskey Cream, it is worth two scoops!

DORADO DERBY, November 16, 2019

Without a doubt the most successful first time tournament ever held here in Costa Rica, Marina Pez Vela is proud to invite you all to the SECOND ANNUAL DORADO DERBY! This one-day Dorado (Mahi Mahi for any gringos out there reading) is all about fun, friends, fishing, and a dramatic weigh in and party at the end of the day. The Dorado Derby is an inexpensive and fun way to experience fishing and a tournament environment, but novices NEED not fear as this is an event which is light on rules and heavy on fun. There is still space to sign up and this is a great idea for families, friends or as a way to reward your employees or favorite people with a day on the water. You can also sign up as an individual this year with the team from IFish and they will assign a boat to you so whether you have your own team in place or are an individual or couple looking to join the fun, inquire now with the team at IFish for your chance to participate—

RADIO DOS LIVE from the Runaway Grill

Do not miss out on the chance to share in our live radio show, every Thursday night from 5-7 pm at the Runaway Grill. This is an amazing chance to come and enjoy the magical sunsets in November as we ease out of our rainiest months, enjoy Happy Hour here with friends and bring some local news and color to the party. We are always looking for guests to come on the air and any local news and events to share with the audience, so bring the crew and join the party.. EVERY THURSDAY, 5pm!


Starting this month, we are going to be featuring one of our tenants here at the Marina. These businesses have invested time, energy, and financially in helping make Marina Pez Vela such a dynamic part of our community and we want each reader to know a bit more about their businesses and we will feature a special each month for YOU! Marina Pez Vela Villas is perhaps the least known of our tenants, but is a company dedicated to the management and vacation rentals of our ten luxury villas here at the Marina. There are 5 luxury two-bedroom condos located above the plaza on the south side, and 3 two-bedroom villas and 2 three-bedroom villas on the north side. These beautiful villas are awesome for anyone looking to experience luxury, convenience, and the environment here at MPV and are also great options for special occasions for local residents or your family. Marina Pez Vela Villas offices are located on the bottom level facing the docks, next to the IFISH office by the anfiteatro. You can learn more about the villas at


BIGGER and BETTER than EVER, BRIGHT LIGHTS 2019 IS TAKING ON A WHOLE NEW FACE AND INVOLVEMENT WITH THE COMMUNITY. What began as a vision to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season with a fusion of our connection to the sea and boats, has grown into an amazing event for our community. As anyone in the area knows, the event has outgrown the marina and this year we are very excited about BRIGHT LIGHTS 2019 becoming much more than a Marina event, but a Quepos and community event. We are working hand in hand with the local Municipality and several area businesses to bring BRIGHTLIGHTS 2019 to the Malecón where thousands more people can experience the celebration, enjoy the music and environment, marvel at the light parade with boats, floats and illumination of all sizes that will navigate the channel waters between in front of the Malecón. BRIGHTLIGHTS has always been about our community, which is why the Marina has never charged entry, invested enormously, and worked tirelessly to insure that anyone and everyone who wanted to experience this magical event was welcome. This year will be no different, but as people from all of our community strive to share, and the event attracts people from all over the country, including press who will be broadcasting live this year, the time has come for BRIGHTLIGHTS to become our COMMUNITY’S TRADITION rather than just the marina. There will be opportunities and invitations for all of our local community, business owners, families and creative forces to participate, and from its inception this has always been the vision…a coming together of hearts and minds to celebrate. This year will be bigger and better than ever and please stay tuned to both the Marina and our Municipalities campaigns for more details and how to join the fun!