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What’s Shaking @ Marina Pez Vela – January 2021

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While we can’t speak for the entire world, I think it is safe to say that never has a new year been welcome with as much hope, excitement, and communal sense of “good riddance” to the year we are leaving behind! 2020 was a challenge for the entire world and the family at the Marina, we are incredibly proud to have been a beacon of hope for our collaborators, our boat owners, and community at large. While 2020 was a year to endure for so many in our community, the hardest of times also brings out the BEST in us all as individuals, as a community, and as a project. Seeing the generosity, entrepreneurial spirit, resiliency, and love in our community has made us all remember just why it is we have chosen to live or visit this magical part of the world, and to be thankful during this 2021 ahead for the blessings which are part of anyone lucky enough to be reading this magazine and our updates.
So, onward and upward and there is PLENTY to be excited about in this fresh start in 2021.

Marina Pez Vela has some AMAZING new tenants!

Like the Fenix, from the ashes of 2020, have risen some incredible new commercial operations at Marina Pez Vela and we are incredibly proud to announce the following new additions to the project.

1. Cuba Libre
This amazing new Cuban inspired experience is located right on the water and offers an amazing array of seafood, authentic cuban specialities like the Media Noche Sandwich, Ropa Vieja and some of the finest drinks in town. Locally owned and operated, it is just another example of Marina Pez Vela and our local community of entrepreneurs working together for something special.

2. FADS Deli
The now famous Maria and husband Coto, whom many of you know from the past years as part of the MiniPricemart here at the marina have opened up a brand new full service Deli and charter boat catering service. Maria’s amazing baked goods, killer sandwiches, quick wit and smile have made her and FADS part of our culture and their new location in the old Pelagic store on the ground level in front of the boats awaits you all!

3. Pelagic Super Store
The overwhelming success of their small store, now home to the aforementioned FADS Deli, has brought Pelagic to open their largest, coolest, and most epic store ever. Located just across from Runaway Grill, all of your PELAGIC gear of world class quality is on display in a store which is like DISNEYWORLD for anyone who loves to fish! You can’t miss out on the PELAGIC EXPERIENCE.

4. Coming Soon
Emilio’s Cafe! Thats right, coming soon will be the marina’s first dedicated coffee shop with a surprise addition of a super hip boutique clothing and accessory offering as well. With doors set to open any day, Emilio’s is going to create another great space to come and enjoy Marina Pez Vela, drink some of the area’s finest coffee, most amazing deserts or some light menu options for yet another gastronomic option here at MPV.

Marina Pez Vela Tournaments are back!

ROCKSTAR 2021 is coming to you in January and is going to start off the year with an enormous BANG! This is one of Costa Rica’s largest tournaments, with over $500,000 in prize money on the line, and is also one of the MOST FUN events of the year. The team from Pelagic, now with their superstore in the Marina, are coming back stronger than ever to welcome the best anglers from all over to fight for the most prestigious prize of the year. KING OF THE ROCKSTAR! January 16 and 17
Also, stayed tuned for another AMAZING event whose importance is set to rival any tournament in Costa Rica and the world. The Pescadora, all female angler tournament set records last year and is coming in February so stay tuned for more details.

Movie Nights>>> Stay Tuned

We have had a lot of inquiries and questions about the return of our traditional MOVIE NIGHTS AT Marina Pez Vela. We hope to be bringing this amazing community tradition back any day now, but are obviously focused on safety, security, and insuring an environment that will help our community eradicate CoVid-19. At the time of press, no specific dates have been set, but stay tuned to our website and Facebook pages for up to date information on when we can and will return to this amazing time to share with family and friends.