What's Shaking? @ Marina Pez Vela

What’s Shaking at Marina Pez Vela – February 2019

What's Shaking headerAfter and AMAZING New Year’s CELEBRATION and a January PACKED FULL of activities, Rock Star Fishing Tournament and all the energy it feels more like the 63rd day of December vs the start of February, but who are we to complain for a celebration that lasts a few months instead of a few days! The good news, for those of you who enjoy a great time, is that February keeps the action going all month long here at MPV with a full slate of activities and big events! Let’s get to it and mark your calendars to join us here at MPV!

LA PESCADORA: February 21-23

The first annual Pescadora Fishing Tournament is the first women’s only fishing tournament here at MPV and is lining up to be one of the most successful and well attended tournaments to date. Anglers from all over Costa Rica and the world are coming to the area to enjoy some healthy competition and a WHOLE LOT OF FUN. MPV is home to some of the top female anglers in the world, and as is evidenced by the amazing performance in the open tournaments, female anglers are quickly taking their positions as some of the finest “fisherwomen” in the world. The Pescadora is welcoming anglers of all levels, but is certainly not your typical gimmicky female angler event. Organized by our local legend Samantha Mumford, La Pescadora promises to be a huge success, more fun than we can imagine and a great opportunity to expose and encourage more women and girls to get involved in this amazing sport. Come and join in the fun and support this first annual event.


Ahh, the day where lovers love to be in love. We want to invite everyone to join us for a Iive concert with Roger Morales, our local talent who always amazes us with his stunning voice and traditional Musica de Plancha. Whether you are coming with your significant other, spouse or just with friends and family to celebrate a day for friendship and love, there is no better spot to celebrate than MPV. While we can sometimes lose the importance of this holiday, love and friendship is at the core of everything we do at MPV, where a community and our visitors celebrate and share in a magical space. Join us and make reservations at one of our restaurants for a special dinner and a beautiful concert.Marina Pez Vela logo


While the rest of the world flocks to the mall or commercial centers on Friday nights with their families, we are blessed and proud to have created and welcome you to our Friday Night movie night tradition at the marina. Whether you are coming to watch the movie or just share in an environment where locals and tourists from around the globe can share in a magical setting, with some of the finest restaurants, shops, and space anywhere in the area. WE want to advise everyone that we have two great movies to start the month and then we will have a Concert for the 15th of February for Valentine’s Day and on the 22nd we will not have a movie due to the fishing tournament.


While we are not featuring all we have coming in March, we wanted to remind and invite you all that it is NOT TOO LATE to sign up for the signature tournament for the year here at MPV, the QUEPOS BILLFISH CUP. This is a qualifying event for the Offshore World Championships, which are held here in April each year and is our longest running tournament. This year is going to have the largest prize money ever and like all of our tournaments is a unique expression of the culture and community here at Marina Pez Vela. The QBC combines some of the world’s best anglers, a marina that is all about fun, friendships, and building a legacy with our local and visiting teams and a community who comes out to marvel, share and cheer on the participants. IF you are not signed up yet, reach out to IFISH for more information on how to get your spot and charter a boat to get into the mix!