The Sloth Institute

Welcome Popcorn and Simba!

The Sloth InstituteWe have two new sloths we rescued receiving medical care and rehabilitation at The Sloth Institute. Welcome Popcorn and Simba!

Popcorn is a juvenile female two-fingered sloth that fell out of a tree because she was sick and weak due to a bad mange infection. After a few months of treatment at TSI, she is feeling much better. She just needs to gain some more weight and then she’ll be ready to be released back to the wild.

Simba is a juvenile male three-fingered sloth who we found on the ground at a nearby hotel in poor health. We discovered he had a bacterial infection and parasites. He has been recovering smoothly and responding well to his treatments. We anticipate he will also be ready to go back to the wild as soon as he puts on a little more weight.

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popcorn and simba