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Update on Dolly

The Sloth InstituteRemember Dolly the two-fingered sloth? She was receiving experimental acupuncture treatment for an injury due to an electrocution from a power line. Her treatments were donated by Dr. Constant Boshoff, BSc D.C. of Rafiki Chiropractic Care. He hoped that several weeks of acupuncture could help Dolly regain mobility in her right arm. Treatments began in February and completed at the end of May.

Dolly practicing climbingWhat was the result?

Dolly’s experimental acupuncture treatment WORKED! Dolly is now able to use her arm and hand to climb. This accomplishment gives assurance of her ability to survive in the wild.

“I’ll take her swimming and see if we can continue to improve her mobility to get her arm to recover 100%,” said TSI Sloth Director Sam Trull.

The Sloth Institute is grateful to Dr. Constant Boshoff for his generous support. Dolly’s successful treatment with acupuncture means hope for other sloths in need.

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