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Travel is the Answer

I feel sorry for people who have never washed their clothes in a sink or shower. To me that is a sign that you have never been on the road long enough. There is a sense of shared communion with wanderers in regards to week long jet lag, 24 hours of sitting on planes, of tramping around the world for the sake of it, because it is here to explore. In my thirty years of traveling I have never regretted a trip, nor have I ever been to a “resort.” Today it is easier, safer, and cheaper to go have an adventure. We can travel to get out of our comfort zones and let the days on the road simply unfold. I will go as far to say that my aspirations while moving about is to unlearn, I believe contrasts are the story of the world. The more challenges I can experience the better of a human I can be. My eyes can always see more, my soul can grow infinitely if I push it to do so. Stagnation has always been my enemy and when I travel I change, I grow.

When I live my life with genuine freedom I see every day as an adventure. When everything I need is in a backpack I can be spontaneous, I can lend myself to luck and karma. Instead of taking from this world I can serve it by being positive and helpful in all matters, I try to stay out of my head and just be happy, the road adds energy to life. Sometimes liberation requires lots of work, other times not so much, that is the curse of our human minds. A famous historic man named Leonardo Da Vinci once wrote, “Love those who smile in trouble, gather strength from distress and grow brave by reflection.” I believe Mr. Da Vinci was speaking about people who live out of their safety zones. As long as we have breath we have time to start turning our existence into something magical. We are slaves to no one but ourselves and traveling (especially alone) allows the spirit to soar again.

Massaging over 500 hours a year I ask many tourists how they are feeling. Many feel a shift here in Manuel Antonio and it sounds something like this: “Everyone is so friendly,” “I have so much energy”, “I’m sleeping so well”. These comments re-occur time and time again. Like the seasons, moon phases, and tides humans need to seek out different phases of themselves. Diet and exercise can help but traveling stirs the soul like nothing else. We are humans thus we need a tribe and I like mine to be the vagabonds of the world. To hear a new bird or primate, to watch a glorious sunrise, to try a new beer in the country of origin isn’t that living? We can share our smile anywhere our feet take us. Everything upon returning home seems even better after not sleeping in my own bed for a month. How can I mention travel without cuisine? Oh how my palate craves international restaurants and local watering holes. Take a chance this Autumn to go somewhere new and adventurous and see how the lost art of living can be ignited.

(Todd Pequeen is a pioneer of the wellness community here in Manuel Antonio since 2000. He works independently at his tree top studio or at your location and can be reached at 8830-7727 or at [email protected]. His free time is spent reading, writing, surfing, traveling, and spreading the love.)

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