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Titi Conservation Alliance Update – July 2011

Time is precious and titis know it, here is a quick review of our latest results.

For our faithful readers and members, always expecting news and results, let us share a brief summary of the latest activities undertaken by TCA during the past months. We know that time is money, so we share the short version:

We welcome El Pasito school to our program. Believe it or not, is the 11th incorporation so far.

We recently had the pleasure of sharing with a group of “Discovering Deaf Worlds” who visited us to learn more about TCA´s work and our destination. Thanks for coming guys!

Vanderbilt University chose TCA again to help students experience a reforestation day and share with a community within the Rio Naranjo Biological Corridor.

Three nurseries located in the schools of Ma. Luisa Castro, El Estadio y República de Corea have been finished, and three more are on their way.

TCA recently did the first two scholar field trips of 2011 with El Estadio and República de Corea schools. All of our 11 schools will enjoy this experience.

Never stop learning, TCA brings several workshops.

Titi Conservation Alliance is concerned by the education of children and adults alike. For our kids we have the Environmental Education Program and for our members and local businesses we have our annual series of workshops. Workshops for this year kicked-off last month with the first activity “Intelligent Wastewater Management. Practical Solutions for Businesses in Quepos.” The lectures were provided by Responsabilidad Ambiental Corporativa (RAC), a pioneer company in environmental management and present provider for biodegradable products in CR. The workshop concluded successfully, giving the opportunity to participate without any cost to more than 15 local businesses. Having the tools and practical solutions to improve wastewater management is today a reality.

Be aware of the next ones coming because this is just the beginning. Here are some preliminary details for future workshops:

1. Energy Efficiency in your business. Free, by invitation only. End of August.

2. Tourism-sustainability. Together with CANAECO. September. Discount for CANAECO and TCA’ s members.

We are all part of the solution, we just need to learn how.

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