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Dear Members and Supporters,

Come visit us! New office! The Titi Conservation Alliance has a new office. Come pay us a visit! The office will be open from 8am until 3pm, Monday to Thursday. You can find us opposite Hotel Si Como No on the main road to Manuel Antonio National Park. Any time you have a question or to know more about our work, stop by!

Exciting new developments for the Titi Conservation Alliance! We are very pleased to report some new steps forward in our work in the Aguirre community, Central Pacific, Costa Rica, to protect the landscape, and the forests which harbor such great biodiversity including the much-loved titi squirrel monkeys. The Titi Conservation Alliance now has some new tools to connect and communicate with more of our members and supporters, both locally and beyond.

Titi Conservation Alliance

We now have a blog, featuring news about our projects, local events and developments, and news on environmental themes in the local area, Manuel Antonio National Park, and across Costa Rica. We’ll also use the blog to make the connection between international environmental topics and our work here in the Rio Naranjo Biological Corridor. Please take a look at our blog here, and any feedback and suggestions for blog topics are always valued: http://monotiti.amerisol.com

New projects for the Titi Conservation Alliance! Watch this space for more news about exciting new projects we have coming up, including more details on a titi squirrel monkey population study, our work in the Naranjo River Biological Corridor, Aguirre Canton with a rural agricultural cooperative, and some new events supported by our sponsors.

Keep in touch,

Titi Conservation Alliance