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The Secret Formula for Human Happiness

A Healthier You headerHappiness.
What everyone is searching for.

How can it ever be fully reached or achieved?

And how does meditation affect your happiness?

The more you search for happiness in meditation, the less it will come.

We’re programmed to believe something is only working when it feels good. When you’re sitting down to meditate and waiting to get high, that means you’re coming from a place of lack and deficiency.

You must meditate on compassion.

Widen out this energy of meditation into something to do with helping people. Then it starts to change because compassion takes the mediation journey from a self-centered, graspy, addictive type of reality into something that is of service to the world. And then you can simply let go and just do your best. Your meditation is giving you the fuel and energy to be kind. It changes the whole picture from a desperate search for internal happiness into a feeling that happiness is a shared experience because the world is a shared experience. So surely the whole concept of happiness has to be connected to that Oneness, that community.

Two womenWhat is compassion?

People who practice compassion-based mindfulness activate the motor cortex in their brain – this is connected with intention to act. It leads us to do things that benefit ourselves and others, and our life starts to transform. We start to want to help people. Also, through our mindfulness practice, we develop the wisdom and skills through which we can genuinely help people.

Compassion-based mindfulness.

When you sit down to practice mindfulness, even if it’s 5-10 minutes of focused breathing, start and end the session by creating a moment of compassion as an intention. “I am doing this practice for the benefit of all sentient beings. Through this practice, may I help others.”
Then, dedicate your practice. “I dedicate the fruits of this practice to the benefit of the world, to the benefit of others.”

By using this intention, you’re training the motor cortex, connecting that with meditation. So this creates the path to compassion. It will become real.

The practice itself creates compassion and builds love and kindness, because when you meditate, there is a relationship with your thoughts. That is the key point – is how you relate to your own thoughts and emotions.

If we relate negatively to our thoughts and emotions, we’re getting more stressed, more judgement. If we relate compassionately, then we are building an internal training in love and kindness.

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