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The new KSTR Tour

TrevorMy name is Trevor. I am a volunteer animal rehabilitator working with Kid’s Saving the Rainforest’s veterinarian, Pia, performing rescue, rehab and release techniques for the many sick, abandoned or injured animals that come into the clinic everyday. More recently however, I’ve also taken on the title ‘tour-guide’. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, Kid’s Saving the Rain Forest now has a tour! I know what you’re thinking, “Oh, great, another tour in Quepos/Manuel Antonio…”. Well I’m here to tell you that this tour is a little different than the average tour you might find around here.

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The new Kid’s Saving the Rainforest tour is three years in the making, thanks in part to our very generous donors and our extremely talented and motivated volunteers…joking. What I’m not joking about is the fact that this tour is different from most of the other tours that are in the area. The Kid’s Saving the Rainforest tour offers something for everyone. It offers donors a chance to get a behind the scenes look at how their money is helping save injured animals with a glimpse into the work performed at the clinic (via a slide show) and a chance to see the new KSTR animal sanctuary, organic garden and organic farm. Some of you might be saying to yourself, “I’m not a donor, can I still come on the tour?”, and the answer to that question is…OF COURSE!! 100% of the proceeds of this tour go to funding projects like our rehab clinic, our sanctuary and monkey bridge projects. That makes you a donor and, this is the term I like to use, a guardian of the rainforest.

The tour itself consists of a presentation at the Mono Azul Hotel, where the KSTR headquarters is located. During this presentation we will take you behind the scenes of the rehab clinic, highlighting the animals we currently have at the clinic and how we are helping to rehabilitate them. We will also discuss other projects that KSTR has going on that help save the rainforest. After this presentation, if you choose, you can make a piece of jewelry, a postcard, or bookmark that we will then sell in the KSTR store, from which all proceeds go to protecting the rainforest. Then it’s off to the sanctuary! It is just a 20 minute drive from the Mono Azul to the beautiful property of the Blue Banyan Inn. Once at the sanctuary you will come face to face with over 20 primates that have been rescued and rehabbed, but that can no longer be released into the wild. After the sanctuary we go on a little stroll through the organic garden and farm where we can pick fresh herbs, spices and fruits.

If you are still thinking to yourself, “How is this tour different?”, let me sum it up for you…this tour does not make a profit! All of the proceeds of this tour go right back into projects that help save the rainforest.  You’ll probably learn something and you might just have a good time doing it…

To book a tour, contact the Mono Azul Hotel at 2777-2572 or 2777-1548 or email: [email protected]

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