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The Best Way to Learn Spanish

Manuel Antonio Spanish School logoBy Anousha Al-Masud

To quote Ludwig Wittgenstein, ‘The limits of my language are the limits of my world’. Learning a new language is like finding a new key that can help unlock doors and open up your mind, introducing you to new adventures and people along the way. With over 400 million native speakers spread over four continents, Spanish is the second most widely natively spoken language in the world. Like English, Spanish has Latin roots and is therefore considered to be one of the easiest languages to master for an English speaker. But what is the best way to learn Spanish?

Of course, you have to start somewhere. In this post, we share how technology can be used as a great starting point whilst also revealing the best way to learn Spanish: immersing yourself in the country where that language is spoken. Intrigued? Read on.

Duolingo logoTechnology is a Great Starting Point

The thought of sifting through a hefty Spanish textbook can make language learning seem daunting. Thanks to mobile apps such as Duolingo, learning grammar is fun and accessible. Duolingo uses flashcards and interactive games to help expand your vocabulary. Memrise and Quizlet are other useful language apps that allow you to customize your own vocabulary lists.

Make Language Learning a Lifestyle

Learning Spanish doesn’t have to end when you are walking to school, driving to the shops or doing housework. Podcasts and audiobooks are perfect for when you are on the go. Tune into Radioambulante to hear native speakers from South and Central America tell their stories. Expose yourself to a range of native dialects, as well dipping in and out of topics ranging from culture to politics. Radioambulante also provides transcripts of the podcasts in both English and Spanish which can be really useful to look at side by side. If you are a bookworm, try downloading audiobooks you have already read. Did you know that in the Spanish version of the Harry Potter books, Lord Voldemort is ‘Tom Sorvolo Ryddle’?

Radio Ambulante logoLearning a Language is Like a Sport

It’s true, the more you exercise, the easier it gets. That’s why it’s imperative to put your Spanish into practice so you can get used to expressing your thoughts and ideas. is a great way to find native Spanish speakers online that are keen to help you improve your fluency.

The Best Way to Learn Spanish?

The previously mentioned methods are great, but you can’t hope to get very far without experience using the language in a real-world context. Beneath every language lies a diverse and unique culture kept alive by the people who speak it. If you really want to see your Spanish soar, you have to immerse yourself. If not, you are missing out on the most thrilling and satisfying parts of learning a new language.

Tango logoAffordable language immersion programs like those offered by Manuel Antonio Spanish School can help you get a fully enriching and immersive experience that will undoubtedly accelerate your Spanish. Staying with a host family will help you experience the culture first-hand and create friendships that last a lifetime. Pick up the quirks of the tico language and live the pura vida lifestyle amongst the wildlife and waves in one of safest countries in Central America. Manuel Antonio Spanish School also gives you the chance to participate in environmental or social volunteering projects alongside the locals. The people of Costa Rica are spirited, warm, and welcome anyone who is interested to know more about their country.