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That’s Fishin’- Sept/Oct 2015

Octopus catch
Octopus catch

By Sarah Munro

It’s some kinda wonderful out there, and it’s waiting for you… You’ve managed to land yourself in one of the most epic fishing hot spots EVER. If you need any convincing, how about considering that The Offshore World Championships are held here at Marina Pez Vela yearly, and the catch for the past three years has broken world records each time. That’s just point one.

It’s quite unbelievable actually. Any time of year you can come and catch fish. While the sailfish bite has tapered off right now, they are still here, and the 100+ mile mark is teeming with marlin right now. Check out local Captain, Pete Rae, who just shattered 1000 catch and release marlin this year. Hat’s off to Pete. And it’s only August. Just think, those marlin are out there waiting for you. Point two.

I’ve been out myself the past month, and the phrase I use to describe it is “Blessed by the Fish Gods”. Seriously, the snapper and grouper bite have been insane. We went out for a full day on the Makaira and went 25 for 30 bites with all amateur anglers on board, myself and my friend from Oklahoma being the amateurs and my new friends from Arizona were the absolute rookies; none of them had been at sea before, never mind fishing. It was a day dreams are made of. We brought in close to 15 different species of fish that day. Four different variations of Pargo/Snapper, Grouper, Eels, Snakes, Amberjack, Jack, and an OCTOPUS on the line, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some. Never in my life have I hooked an octopus from the deep; and never in my life would I think that an octopus would be that hard to bring up. At first it felt like it was a 5-7 pound snapper, but there was no shake to the line, just really heavy. And then it just dropped 10 feet and I was really starting to wonder what I had hooked. It wasn’t a long fight, perhaps 7-8 minutes and the octopus was up. Holy Hannah. I’d never seen that before. I looked in shock at the octopus and back and forth to the mates and Captain. They’d never seen an octopus hooked from the bottom of the sea either. Plenty of octopus for spearfishing, but not the norm to catch one from a reef 300 feet below the surface of the water. Unbelievable how the octopus knew the way back to the sea as well, it immediately went for the back of the boat once it was on the deck of the boat. An unbelievable experience was had by all that day. Point three. (Check out the awesome photos!) And if you need a point four, you’re obviously not my type. For those of you who are my type, welcome to the party.


So, there’s nothing holding you back but you to get out there and change your life. Fishing is not only AWESOME; it relaxes you; it allows you to consider different perspectives from that awesome and relaxed point of view. It’s also unbelievably easy to let go of all your stress while at sea. I’m not sure what does it, but it does. There are an unbelievable amount of species of fish available to catch in the waters here off of Quepos. It also proves that it’s worth protecting. In case nobody mentioned it, Costa Rica holds 20% of the entire planet’s biodiversity. That means that 1 in every 5 plants, animals, and whatever kind of life may be on earth is HERE. Costa Rica is the land bridge between North and South America, and our waters of the Eastern Pacific are teeming with every kind of fish imaginable. Costa Rica also holds an island offshore, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Sight. Not known for anything man has built, but what Mother Nature built. ‘Neath the waters of Cocos Island (Isla Coco) is the largest congregation in the world of hammerhead sharks. An underwater cliff and the intersection of the Galapagos Current with others create one of the most dynamic places on earth. Cocos Island also holds the legend of Pirates Booty; and it only grows as admittance to the island is only gained to the very privileged few. As far as I know, only the park wardens are allowed on site.

Trés Cool as the French would say. Me, I’m saying get out there and get fishing!! As this article goes to press, there’s a local tournament coming up, Qué Quiéres Inshore Charity Tournament is brought to you by The Hawg ‘n’ Bill, local restaurant and bar and Tournament Gold Sponsors: Marina Pez Vela – The House of Cigars – Lush Tapas Lounge – iFish Quepos – Z Gastro Bar – SQUIDNATION – and Quepolandia. Nothing would be possible without all of our sponsors and the community thanks you for your continued support.

As the tournament organizer, I am proud to say that all proceeds are going to feed the hungry of Quepos. Over the past three years of living here, we have often seen the need for a food bank and this is the second big step in making a local food bank happen. We have ordered extra shirts and visors for the tournament so we can set up an official corporation and find a space and initial donations to set up and start feeding local hungry people. Anyone who has interest in helping us in any shape or form, please contact me, Sarah Munro at [email protected], or call me personally 8708-6152. Any and all help is most appreciated.

So! It’s a long edition of That’s Fishin’ this month, but it’s a double issue so soak it all up. Once you’re done reading Quepolandia, get your butt out there and get fishing. If you don’t, you’ll kick yourself forever. Tight Lines!

Want a referral to one of Sarah’s preferred Captains? Call 8708-6152 or email [email protected]. OR, come on down to THE HAWG ‘N’ BILL at Playa Espadilla! Our awesome chef cooks your catch and our waiters serve up the coldest beer on the beach! All that and LIVE MUSIC, THURSDAY THRU SUNDAY 6-9pm!

Sarah Munro is an ex-pat Canadian living in the Manuel Antonio area; who has been fishing since infancy. Rumor has it, Sarah gutted her first fish before she could ride a bike. It’s quite likely, that yes, one day, the fish will come for her. Looking for more of That’s Fishin’? Check out all the articles at:

Until then peeps, keep your sea legs swayin’, and your rod hand ready! So, what are you waiting for????? Get out there and GET FISHIN!!!!!