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That’s Fishin’ – July, 2014

Fishing for tunaBy Sarah Munro

Got a bucket list? More or less, we all do. For those of us that fish, Quepos is the promised land.

I remember when I hadn’t had the opportunity yet to charter a boat and go offshore fishing, for years I looked through brochures on vacation, never hitting the right circumstances. Nothing shouted out at me. And then, the miraculous happened, and my fishing dreams came true. I moved here, to the promised land.

I will NEVER forget my first trip offshore here in Quepos. Every trip is that way. And if you’ve got any question in your mind on whether you should charter a boat and go out, well, the answer my friend is BOOK NOW.

Here’s why……

We’ve hosted the Offshore World Championships for the past two years in a row. Both years have set new World Records. Oh, but those fish are gone now? No, friends, for we play the catch and release game here, keeping our grounds rich.

Sarah fishingThe seasons change and the fish change; during the OWC, (Offshore World Championship), sailfish were hitting in record numbers. With the return of the rains – and the rain has gotten a healthy start, along with the awesome deep-water marlin bite, with sailfish tailing off. It’s a run (30-100 miles) to go out, but if you want to knock one off your bucket-list, this is the time and place to do it. Marlin are a one-of-a-kind experience, take my word for it. When they hit the line and run, you feel the MONSTER on the other end of the line, and you wonder, “How am I ever going to bring this fish in?” But you do it. Your arms burn, your back screams in ways it’s never screamed before, the sweat rolls off of you but you don’t give up. Because it’s YOUR monster and you need to see it through, and then you see it. Jumping, fighting, majestic; this fish is a true King of the Ocean. The adrenalin pumps as you bring  the mighty fish closer to the boat. You get your first real glimpse of it; your strength renews. Just a few more minutes and it’s boatside. The giant is yours, and you look it in the eye, give the mate a nod to release the leader. As the monster returns to the deep he looks once more in your eye as to give respect. Then you grin and look to the sea, for somewhere, oh somewhere, is his big sister. Welcome to your new addiction.

As for more action offshore, the tuna, ahhh, the yummy tuna. By the time this article goes to print, you should see just about every restaurant in the area with a tuna special, because it’s that time of year. Even better is sashimi, served up on the boat – nothing tastes better than something that you caught yourself. If it’s good enough for the dolphins, it’s good enough for me! Ahhh, and quick fish finding fact – dolphin hunt tuna, so if you’re fishing for tuna, find the dolphins. They circle and stay with their food source, and the food source is pretty large here; so dolphin pod numbers can reach into the 10,000’s. So yes, the tuna, go and get some TUNA. It will be a fight, they like to dive deep; their torpedo shape and strength make them a very fun fish to catch. Tuna, Wahoo, Blue Marlin, Black Marlin are all on the ‘excellent’ list for May/June/July, and with El Nino, we can likely expect an extended season.

To me, every fish is special. That’s why, if you’re into some onshore action, it’s always a good day to go and get some jack. There’s plenty of action in front of the Parrita River for these fun fish. But don’t get your stomach going on Jack, they’re not considered a good meat fish, just a good fight. They hang out in schools, feeding on sardines, close to the shore. We’ve also got several mangroves, estuaries and rivers in the area, so this means that the onshore action is as prolific as it is offshore. You’re bound to find red snapper, grouper, gar, snook, roosterfish… just to name a few. Keep in mind that these fish hang out in different areas, so it’s important to plan your day before you go. It seems every time I go out, I catch something new, or see something I hadn’t seen before. It’s what makes my life so epic. So get out there, and get your own piece of epic.

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I would like to acknowledge the loss of a good friend, Richard Geren. He was one of the ‘funnest’ people I’ve ever met. The accompanying photo is of the two of us on a double hook-up this past January. Little did I know that day was the last we would fish together.

Live every day like it’s your last.