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That’s Fishin’ – August 2023

The Summer Shootout fishing tournament came to a thrilling conclusion with an impressive display of angling prowess. Teams from far and wide gathered to compete for the top honors, making it an exhilarating event for both participants and spectators alike.

Taking home the coveted first-place trophy was Team Zapatas Sky, whose exceptional fishing skills and teamwork propelled them to victory. Their dedication and strategic approach to the tournament paid off, securing them a well-deserved win.

Coming in a close second was Team Zapata Family, who showcased their family bond and shared passion for fishing throughout the competition. Their remarkable performance demonstrated the strength of unity and collaboration.

In an impressive display of skill, Team Hatta Dream Ladies claimed the third-place position. These talented anglers showcased their talent and determination, making their mark in the tournament and earning them a well-earned spot on the winners’ podium.

Team Hatta Dream Ladies also made a splash in the jackpot categories, securing victories in multiple divisions. They landed the heaviest weigh fish, the heaviest grouper, and bagged the most snapper species, truly showcasing their versatility and expertise on the water.

Another notable achievement in the tournament was Team Dazed Texans, who clinched the title for the heaviest bonito catch. Their impressive accomplishment demonstrated their ability to target and reel in a challenging species.

Furthermore, Team Dazed Texans also distinguished themselves by securing the most grouper species. Their knowledge and experience with these elusive fish allowed them to dominate this particular category.

Team Zapatas Sky stood out once again by capturing the title for the most species caught. Their comprehensive understanding of different fish species and their habitats enabled them to showcase their versatility and adaptability as anglers.

Overall, the Summer Shootout fishing tournament provided a thrilling and memorable experience for all involved. The winners and participants demonstrated their passion for the sport, their dedication to their craft, and their commitment to friendly competition. Congratulations to all the winners and participants for their outstanding achievements and for making the Summer Shootout an unforgettable event.


What a total blast we all had during this past tournament season with so many great events, new friends and memories made for a lifetime. The dates are now set for the upcoming tournament season which gets underway this November with the Dorado Derby. Each year our events go from strength to strength and we are always looking for new teams to come and join the fun. Drop me a line if you would like to get involved, you can view the full event schedule at

November 11  Dorado Derby

November 18 Dorado Derby Dos

January 11-14 Pelagic Rockstar

February 3 Roosterfish Rodeo

February 15-17  Pescadora Billfish Championship (Ladies Only)

March 9 Sailfish Slam

April 13 Marina Pez Vela Open

April 14-19 Offshore World Championship

July 6 Summer Shootout

See you on the water!

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