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That’s Fishin’ August 2015

Sarah and roosterfishThis is my favorite time of year here. The rains have come back, essentially cooling things off a bit and making everything super green again. Plants are flowering and fruiting, and we should soon see an overabundance of baby animals. In the ocean, whales are returning on their migratory paths, and we shall soon see them playing right out front of Manuel Antonio.

Costa Rica is exceptional. Manuel Antonio has no rival. The diversity of flora and fauna here are unlike any other in the world. National Geographic rates our beach as one of the 10 most beautiful in the world.

Bonnier Corporation, a multi-media conglomerate, holds the Offshore World Championship here yearly, and our Marina Pez Vela who hosts the event just keeps leaping bounds.

I can’t ever get enough fishing out there—it seems I have a problem. It’s not just about the fishing though, it’s about the ability of Mother Nature to wash away all your worries, and put you in a sheer sense of awe of what you’re experiencing.

The clear water, the roll of the waves, how the mountains rise from the sea, it all envelops you and there is really no other place on earth like it. Drop a fishing line in the water and you’ve got perfection. We are blessed here, the ocean currents bring an amazing assortment of fish and other wildlife; we’ve seen pods of dolphins offshore that reach well over 5000. That may be why one of the Sea Shepherd vessels has chosen to dock at Marina Pez Vela as we come into whale and turtle seasons. I had the opportunity to speak with two of the crew members, and was very impressed by their dedication. While I may not agree with all of their methods, I totally agree in protecting what we have left.

Speaking of what we have left, I am very happy to announce a new fishing tournament at Marina Pez Vela happening this August 22, 2015. The name of the tournament is Qué Quiéres, which translates loosely into Who Cares. It’s a charity tournament, raising money for local families that are having a hard time. Who Cares? WE DO!!!!

The money is turned into food boxes that will feed a family of 4 for a week. Angler registration is $150 per person plus the cost of your charter boat. Local businesses are sponsoring the event, making sure that participants leave with some awesome swag. It’s about community caring, and turning a big ball of positivity into good marketing for all of us. We won’t be clearing the ocean of fish either; anglers can weigh only one fish at the end of the day. So make it a big one!!! All dispersement of funds will be certified by a public accountant and made public on the tournament Facebook page. Check fb/hawgnbill for the link.

We’ve already got some great sponsors; after only a few days! Marina Pez Vela,

Flippy Floppies
Flippy Floppies

Z Restaurant, The House of Cigars and Squidnation have stepped up as Gold Sponsors! Sponsors are giving half in cash and half in swag! Ever heard of a flippy floppy? Check out the accompanying photo, because you can win one of the hottest lures in the market. It draws everything from big ass tuna to big ass marlin. Want one? All you have do to is enter ‘Que Quieres?!! We are all looking forward to having a ‘Who Cares’ kind of Tournament. Are you ready? Anglers can register at the office at The Hawg ‘n’ Bill Restaurant and Bar, located beachfront in Manuel Antonio. Need directions? Call 2777-5350

There are plenty of boats and plenty of fish. The bite offshore has been pretty good for sailfish and marlin, considering this is their offseason. The inshore grouper and snapper bite has been fantastic—you can tell because all the Captains have their mouths shut as to where the bite is. Good thing I save co-ordinates.

Get your sea legs and your rod hand ready because August is one heck of a month for fishing. Don’t miss crossing this one off of your bucket list. Or maybe consider adding it to your bucket list. It’s that kind of awesome.

Want the best hook-up to the best boats? Once-in-a-lifetime experience? Shared trips and professional photographic evidence of your day? Call Sarah direct 8708-6152.

Need somewhere to cook your catch? Our amazing kitchen will cook it up for free, you just pay for drinks!!! (The white wine and caper sauce is to die for.) Share your fish story at The Hawg ‘n’ Bill, located beachfront Manuel Antonio. Feed your stomach and your soul! Live Music! Fish Stories! Reservations 2777 5350. fb:  hawgnbill  SEE OUR AD in QUEPOLANDIA!