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Spanish Sucks by Os¡Hola amigos!  ¿How are you guys doing?  ¿Did you watch the five previous videos?  I hope you did!

This month, I am gonna share with you more of the links of some of the most inspirational TED Talks I have watched about learning languages.

T.E.D. logoSome of them have influenced me and/or my methodology of teaching, some of them (quite my favorite ones) have changed my point of view about learning languages and/or why to learn languages and even better some of them influenced my point of view about life, traveling and being a human…

Cheers to those who are doing great and brave things out there sharing and spreading their ideas and speeches with the world.  Cheers to them! J

Hacking language learning: Benny Lewis at TEDxWarsaw

Here is Benny the Irish Polyglot again.  This time he shares five of the NOT true reasons or excuses people think about not learning a new language.  Remember:  THERE ARE SEVEN DAYS IN A WEEK AND “SOMEDAY” IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

Learning a Language Will Change your Life for Good | Christopher McCormick | TEDxPhnomPenh

As the head of language research, training and testing for EF Education First — the world’s largest language school — Dr. Christopher McCormick oversees the instructional design and delivery of EF’s language programs. Remember:  IT IS GOOD TO DO THINGS THAT SEEM IMPOSSIBLE, THEY CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

One Simple Method to Learn Any Language | Scott Young & Vat Jaiswal | TEDxEastsidePrep

¿What would you do with a year without speaking English?  These two guys went to Spain to learn Spanish, to Brasil to learn Portuguese, to China to learn Chinese and to Korea to learn Korean…  That is what they did in a year without speaking English!!!! Let me ask you again:  ¿What would you do with a year without speaking English?  Remember:  DON’T SPEAK IN ENGLISH.

Language learning: Bridge to a better world: Craig Charnock at TEDxCapeTownED

This “white guy” is so funny… And so serious about his personal story and the transformative power of learning a language.  Remember:  IF YOU TALK TO A MAN IN A LANGUAGE HE UNDERSTANDS, THAT GOES TO HIS HEAD.  IF YOU TALK TO HIM IN HIS LANGUAGE, THAT GOES TO HIS HEART.

The most important language you will EVER learn | Poet Ali | TEDxOrangeCoast

Do you speak this language? Do you share the experience? These are questions that Poet Ali masterfully tries to answer in an original narrative. This talk explains why we should all learn the most important language that unites us all.  Remember:  ¿DO YOU SPEAK THIS LANGUAGE?

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