Kids Saving the RainforestPía Martín

Synopsis of Kids Saving The Rainforest

By Jennifer Rice PhD, President of KSTR & Pia Martin DVM, KSTR Manager and Wildlife Vet

Have you ever wondered what Kids Saving the Rainforest does? Well, now is your chance to find out:

• We have a MINAET licensed Wildlife Rescue Center in the heart of ManuelAntonio with over 4 acres of land, 11 cages, and housing for our vet and rehabber. Last year KSTR rescued and rehabilitated 116 animals and released 50% of them. The average in other center worldwide is 33% so we are very pleased with the success rate.

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• KSTR has built 130 monkey bridges since 2001 to prevent monkeys from being hit by cars and/or electrocuted. In 2001 there were only 1200 titi monkeys, of this sub-species, left in the world, all located in our area. The monkeys were being electrocuted by live wires and hit by cars. Since its inception there are now approximately 3500 titi monkeys in our area!! The monkeys are key to tourism in our area.

• KSTR has planted over 6500 trees to help ensure the survival of the Titi Monkey. KSTR plants trees where needed.

• KSTR started the first public library in the area. It has been open to the public for 8 years. There are over 2500 books and most are in English. Everyone is welcome to come and sign out a book.

• More than 300 kids have passed through our Kids Camp where they learn about the rainforest and go on field trips to help save the rainforest.

• KSTR has sister projects around the world and has worked with students from 22 different countries.

• KSTR has a souvenir store to raise funds for all of our projects. 100% of the proceeds go to save the rainforest.

• KSTR offers two tours open to the public, one teaching people about the rainforest, its destruction, and empowering them to help save it no matter where they live. This tour includes a visit to the Wildlife Sanctuary and the Organic Farm. The other tour is a short tour at our Wildlife Sanctuary where people can see the animals being fed from 8:30 AM until 9 AM daily. All of our sanctuary animals have been declared unable to be released by MINAET due to injuries or because of being poached and raised in captivity.

If you have any questions or want more information, please contact us at [email protected]