Memoirs of a MasseurTodd Pequeen

Signaling Intentions

I’ve been driving in Costa Rica since 2002, legally. My first wife at that time owned a red Hyundai Excel. It is still a popular model of the “pirate” taxis on our streets today. If you ask an older local, that car (nicknamed the Red Rocket) has legendary status. I can’t remember most of the stories but that’s not what this month’s article is about. This month we explore the mythical subject of the turning signal (which comes standard and free in every vehicle these days). Yes indeed the infamous “blinker.” That little bar conveniently engineered under the steering wheel and slightly to the left. Ah yes…you remember! You see, nobody uses that in Costa Rica except for me. I will admit I am a bit obsessed because I literally signal every time I turn left or right. If I’m doing something funky I know where the hazard lights are too. I’ve studied driving for over 30 years now. However my new attitude is to not care anymore…everything seems to be smooth without using it. Probably another useless invention. In fact, I’m going to stop using the signal all together because I want to be like the taxi drivers. It’s all about standards. Drive like the pro’s do. My research shows that as early as 1925 an invention was patented that allowed the driver to actually signal their intention to other drivers and pedestrians. To literally say, by the proper use of the directional, if the driver is turning left, right, or is making a move. Downright amazing if you ask me, but what do I know? At the time the big car manufacturers weren’t interested, and I’m not interested now, who needs it? From there the history is irrelevant, do your own google search, my point being, why should anyone ever indicate the direction they honestly intend to go to in this life. Whether it is actually on the road, in everyday life, or personally…who knows? Shit happens. I have the right to change my mind is another logical excuse. Why signal, who can even multi-task like that anymore? Life is hard enough. Certainly texting while driving has priority.

It is my choice to be angry or not, for driving can be enraging or simply meditative. After all, it is only my opinion that there are drivers that cannot remember, or simply figure out, the up or down option of the turn signal, or they cannot be bothered or care to use the directional. It is an option for every driver, behind the wheel of a lethal automobile, to choose a selfish way of driving or not. I guess an invention almost 100 years old isn’t THAT important, whatever. I’ll try to join the club but it’s harder and harder for me to handle as more people are on the road than ever before, sometimes I even have people ride my bumper, which is likewise a brilliant move but another article all together. I even heard that it is fairly easy to get a legal fake driver’s license these days…perhaps that explains it. The trait of being courteous has behooved me my entire life, it was something my mother and father taught me (married 54 years now). I suppose they never implied it should be on our roadways, that is my doing. I often watch people while they are driving. The top three on the list, other than keeping one’s eyes on the road, are cellular phone use, vanity in checking oneself out in the rear view or sun visor mirror, and lastly, smoking cigarettes/marijuana while driving. The eye can certainly wander off the road when a hot woman/man walks by too. All I’m saying is when in Rome, do as a Roman would do. I am driving, I am free, and I’ve earned the right to make up my own rules.

Massage Todd is a 19 year local who is addicted to massaging people every day. He surfs, reads, writes, and tries to keep his famous photographer wife Sarah Yunker, at, happy and inspired. Todd can be reached at 8830-7727 or at [email protected] or on FB.