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Save money with a high-efficiency variable speed pool pump

By Costa Rica Pools & Construction

There is a lot of talk about saving money on your pool with the new high-efficiency variable speed pool pumps. One manufacture, Jandy says their new VS Flo Pro pump can “reduce energy use up to 90%”. Single speed pumps generally end up using more energy than variable speed pumps so the money conscious tend to choose the latter.  A good working pool pump not only can save you money but also can ensure the water you swim in is clean and clear.

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 A “variable speed pool pump” like the Jandy VS Flo Pro works in a smart and energy-saving way. Depending upon the pool’s size and volume, the pump keeps varying its speeds on its own; a single speed pump, on the other hand constantly keeps running at a single speed level. Through the effective use of permanent magnetic motors, variable speed pumps run on less energy and can cut energy costs by as much as 90 percent!

Variable speed pumps work at the least-needed energy for each swimming pool task including cleaning, circulation and heating. In contrast, a pump with single speed will use the same energy for each task. When the speed of the pool pump is at its lowest required level for each task, the electricity costs will automatically be cut. Also, it is easier and cheaper to maintain a variable speed pump and it lasts longer.

Some Things You Can Do To Cut Costs

  • Make sure your pump and filter are clean so they will operate efficiently.
  • Decide what type of pump you want to use before installing the pool. This way, you will know the amount you are willing to spend beforehand. Stick to the plan and budget and also take into consideration costs that will come into play at a later stage.
  • Use a pump timer and or try to keep the pump turned off for some hours during the night. It is not always necessary to keep the pump running 24/7. Variable speed pool pumps will work well even if they are not on all day long.
  • Do not spend a fortune buying a pump that is too big for your pool.