The Sloth Institute


By Sara Ferreiro, TSI Research Manager

Our motto at TSI has always been “save a sloth, save a tree, save a forest”. In the tropics, anthropogenic land-use change is the first driver to biodiversity loss.

We are constantly studying how we can help protect Manuel Antonio and Quepos natural surroundings so sloths and other animals can have a safe home. Recently, one of our big dreams came true when we could start planning our own tree nursery! The full team is hands-on involved in this Habitat Restoration Project.

We are working in one of the most beautiful natural areas only 30 minutes south from Quepos, Playa Linda. Playa Linda is home of a large population of sloths, monkeys and other incredible wildlife so it is a priority habitat to preserve.

With the support and participation of different land-owners of the site we are starting the nursery with the goal of reforesting empty lots near the beach and the mangrove that can contribute to the natural corridor. We are cultivating species of trees that can provide essential resources for wildlife. With time, the nursery will be effective not only in this area but other locations in need!

Our team has also been placing canopy bridges thanks to the neighbors that have informed us about the most conflictive points. They allowed us to use their trees to create safety routes. In addition, with the help of ICE, it was possible to add ropes in other communal crossings where the municipality has been working recently to create widened roads.

The project is in the beginning stages and we are very excited about all its potential. This is a great example of how empowered community and teamwork can make a difference in conservation.