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Quepos History in Stone

Walking along the malecón, sea wall, in Quepos you will notice large stone sculptures sitting atop pedestals. The sculptures were created in 2007, organized by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and sponsored by the Canton of Aguirre with the support of the Chamber of Commerce, Aguirre. Each sculpture was sponsored by a local business.
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The project was designed to enhance the malecón, showcase Costa Rican Artists, and tell some of the history of Quepos. The sculptures were created in Quepos and are made from white limestone from Guanacaste; each piece weighing between 2 to 4 tons. Many people witnessed, step by step, the creation of these works in the area near the Quepos dock in November of 2007.

Each sculpture depicts a part of Quepos history beginning with how Quepos got its name. The Quepoa Indians are a part of the Borucas Indians who inhabited the area at the time of the conquest and are represented in the work of artist Fabio Brenes, from Cartago. “Indio Quepoa” (1) which was sponsored by Discoteca Arco Iris and local families.

“The Banana” (2) sponsored by Best Western Hotel Kamuk and created by Guilliermo Hernandez of Heredia tells the story of Quepos as a prominent port for the exporting of bananas. Disease destroyed the bananas and in their place African Palms, grown for their oil, became the major crop in the area. The oil, being much easier to transport, lead to the decline of Quepos as a major port.

Also inspired by the land comes the sculpture “The Farmer” (3) by Emilio Arguello of Heredia and sponsored by Mariposa Hotel and the Colegio los Delfines.

“Our Emblem, the Mono Titi” (4) created by Susan Meono, of Alajuela as a reminder to protect the Mono Titi and preserve their habitat. This work was sponsored by Los Altos Hotel & Resort Manuel Antonio.

We then come to the influence the sea has and continues to play on the development of Quepos, with the creation of “La Marina” (photo not available) by Donald Mora Jimenez, a native of Mansion of Nicoya. This sculpture was sponsored by Marina Pez Vela.

The sculpture “Sport Fishing” (5) was sponsored by the Marlin Restaurant and created by Ana Ulate Herrera of Heredia. This piece highlights the very popular and record breaking sport fishing industry of the area.
The final sculpture dedicated to the ocean’s influence is “Commercial Fisheries” (6) commissioned by Latitude 9 and created by Rodolfo Varela of Ramon.

The last of the 8 sculptures is sponsored by the Municipality of Aguirre. “Sublime Flight” (7) created by sculptor Silvia Duran Piedra of Coronado. This work is dedicated to the Founders of Quepos.

We hope you enjoy your walk along the Malecón!

Our thanks to the Chamber of Commerce, Aguirre for providing the information and the pictures from the actually sculpting.

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