Memoirs of a MasseurTodd Pequeen

New Construction

What do you live for? That is my question this month. I’ll confess that my top three motivations in life are family and friends meaning quality time amongst them. Secondly is being passionate with the time I am gifted when massaging other people, meaning my work. Lastly time spent doing physical things such as hiking, surfing, traveling, gardening etc. I am always happy to discuss openly and freely how I go about my days; nothing is hush hush. This triad is what brings me a smile in the morning and what formulates my future. Obviously, there are tentacles that radiate from my base happiness but when those 3 things are intact my life feels very fulfilled. I just entered my 52nd year of life and having traveled vigorously throughout the decades even that desire is waning. Creating those quality days servicing the people I love feels better and better as I’ve grown older. Money comes and goes, and I’ve never had a penchant for the “finer things” that life can offer, one does not choose to be a masseur and expect to drive expensive cars and drink fine champagne on yachts. We Buffalo, NY-bred blue-collar men keep our heads down and our feet on the ground and simply do the right thing for our families and friends. Honesty, commitment, faithfulness and enjoying the simple things in life has grown more and more appealing to me. At this point in my life, I truly am living what I dreamed of as a teen, my body remains healthy enough to do the things I love, and my spiritual life is intact enough to sleep soundly and to have very little fear of what is to come, I can handle it. The worst of me is waning and I feel as if I must spread that joy to others.

Mentally I try to understand what people who do not share my history, nor my values are all about. For example, men who choose money as the ultimate goal in life, no matter what it takes to get more of it. I have read that this is similar to a drug or alcohol addiction in which any sum is never enough. Greatness is not found in power, position, or prestige, but try explaining that to a person who is the addict. If joy and peace is found in, for example, destroying wildlife habitat and erecting skyscrapers then I must need some sort of re-education. When a bribe is labeled a donation, and every word to every sentence must have an influence or an angle, I suggest that it is not energy that is being created out of goodness, humility, service, nor is it of high character. I see men scurrying around town with a smile for those who oblige them but quite pensive, private, even defensive for those who serve them no purpose. I am working personally to understand all men, all walks of life, but I am failing to find a moral compass with control and greed. Everything is not about having an economic angle and a higher percentage…or is it? Have I missed one of the most crucial lessons of being a man? If I had an ivy league education and had connections far and wide, if my retirement homes were built around the globe and my kids were hard working, committed individuals with righteous careers, I imagine I would turn my energy to helping, not hurting, people and the environment. I can literally conceptualize being a man that has the soul-searching ability to change lanes and listen to different views, soften my stance on my own greatness, and humble myself. I could even imagine using my power and money for a public use, such as a bike path or a school, instead of a private one. Whew….that all seems like such a mental fantasy. I just tried to visualize being materialistic and I had an identity crisis!!!

September and October are the slowest months of the year in our amazing town. The free time, rain, and the richness of what jungle is left can be used for soul searching and inspiration. It can be a 6-star time period of support for oneself and the beauty that exists around us can be our therapist. It is perfect the way it is, you are perfect the way you are, and we have all that we need. To think otherwise lacks honesty and integrity on how we are created and what we have been through. The diversity of the people and the power of our rich community is in place and is flowing and has dynamism. When I dream at night and wake with aspirations, I always tell myself to be careful of what I wish for. Ying and yang always go hand and hand and I want to thank all of the people of this community that are on the team not looking to deconstruct the beauty that is left in our sacred spaces. I can’t help but laugh at the audacity of the potential corruption that is near, it is as clear as the beautiful sunrise this morning. Be good to yourself and to others.

Todd Pequeen has been living in Manuel Antonio for 23 years and was the areas first masseur. He has an amazing home studio and can be reached on WhattsApp at +(506)8830-7727, at [email protected], or check out his website at His free time is spent outdoors, and his passions are everything amazing here in Costa Rica.