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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

mirrorBy Shelagh Duncan

Mirrors are not just fancy frames around a piece of reflective glass. They actually have the ability to change the appearance of any given area. A well placed mirror will make any space seem larger, lighter and more ‘together’. 

Try hanging one in a hallway or a dark corner and see how it brightens and opens up the area. Also consider using more than one in a room — treat each one like a piece of art. 

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Mirrors are great for reflecting available light, and can appear to be a window into another room, drawing your eye beyond the limits of the existing walls. They can even bring the outdoors inside when you catch that reflection, and this works particularly well in a room with small windows. 

Because the human eye is drawn to bright objects, the mirror will draw you into its reflection. For this very reason you should pay attention when you place your mirror. Check what is opposite, and what you will be seeing as you approach it from either direction, or from your favorite chair—that is what you will be looking at. 

A beautiful mirror can also be used as your focal point. The frame should be chosen to work with the existing décor and scale of the room. Often people tend to be more timid and choose art and mirrors that are too small. Try being bold and see how great it can look! 

Guest rooms are another great place for mirrors. Art is usually more expensive than a mirror, and you can be sure your visitors will appreciate it. 

On a budget? Buy a simple unframed mirror and hot-glue wood moldings, shells, pebbles – anything you can get your hands on, to make a unique and interesting wall accent.