Memoirs of a MasseurTodd Pequeen

Memoirs of a Masseur – July 2023

Anniversaries, birthdays, and general celebrations are the fruits of living. They are the times to gather with friends and loved ones to relax and celebrate. Sometimes there is music and food, other times there are libations and dance, but always remains the vibrations of love, comradery, and playfulness. The fact that the Quepolandia magazine has existed for twenty-five years is an accomplishment worthy of celebration. It began as an infant of a black and white eight-page leaflet. It has turned into a full-grown adult with color, wit, humor, information, and inspiration. The Quepolandia still is many vacationers’ first introduction to our wonderful community of Quepos and Manuel Antonio. I believe it to be the bible of the central Pacific region as nothing can compare. It is the staple of every man and woman’s home and is often brought around the globe as a souvenir for many visitors’ “best week of their lives.” I have so much gratitude to all three of the past and present owners. Their energy and hard work deserve a hug and a pat on the back, writing and reading actual magazines seem to be a bit less appreciated for the youth of today. This magazine has stood the test of time and remains an unexpected and delightful surprise to visitors. It is a forum to get the word out, to advertise, and to educate.

There are two sides to every coin. In my freelance massage work I get to move locations and to interact with many travelers in different houses and hotels. In some places Quepolandias are literally removed and banned because it allows the tourist to see and make decisions for themselves, to actually read and distinguish the competition and the large variety of options that exist in our eclectic community. There are concierges as well as entire sales teams that believe their opinions are better suited to direct a vacation then the actual visitor. Leading clients down roads that pad their pockets, not necessarily because they have experience with the quality of service. In a micro sense it is no different than what goes on behind closed doors in any sort of government or business. When a person can form a narrative without any competition it becomes a dangerous tool. As an independent it can be a challenge to break through and to get your name out there when this sort of censorship is used. Buyer beware, just don’t assume what you are being told is the best match for you. Always exercise your right to privacy, freedom, free will, and to do your own homework. In my experience the loudest, biggest voice is often the least favorable. If there are huge billboards blocking your view and polluting your senses, think twice of supporting that effort. Ask around with locals to find what or who is the cream of the crop, don’t rely on manipulated reviews and the thousands of dollars spent on advertising. Remember how awesome the old Mom and Pop stores were not so long ago? Search those out and support the small business of the area, that is what the Quepolandia stands for to this day. The small entrepreneur that can still make a name for themselves, they tend to be more genuine and authentic anyway. Do not be part of the herd.

July is an awesome month here in Manuel Antonio. Our blessed rains are consistently providing the jungle with everything it needs. The town is filled with families and the courageous backpackers who seek out the unknown. Our morning sunrises are almost impossible to beat so get to bed early and get yourself up before sunrise to enjoy the color show. Don’t forget to explore the area, maybe by yourself, and be friendly and respectful to all you meet. Costa Rica remains one of the finest locations in the world and it is a month of celebration. A huge shout out to David Bolger, owner of the Quepolandia. He works hard to bring the community together in a fair and honest way. It is refreshing to be able to still have an outlet that is uncensored, unfiltered, and is open to new ideas and activities, not on the web. The Quepolandia is our old school newspaper that contains a little bit of everything. Please support its advertisers and have yourself an amazing July. Congratulations Quepolandia for turning twenty-five this monh and to all the people of this unique community. We are truly blessed to be living here. How lucky we are all to still be a part of this awesome community as it evolves. Cheers to another twenty-five years of gratefulness and gratitude.

Todd Pequeen has been writing for the Quepolandia since 2000. He was one of the original authors to pen a column and to support the effort to grow the magazine into what it is. He was the areas first male massage therapist and can be reached at 8830-7727, [email protected], or through his website at He has an awesome home studio or is available at your location.