Memoirs of a MasseurTodd Pequeen

Memoirs of a Masseur – August 2023

“The best is yet to come” is something I remind myself of every day. Our life stories never stop happening. Sometimes our actions may seem repetitive or boring yet our lives are in constant change, evolving us into who we are becoming next. Like day to night, like seasons or swell in the ocean, like our very cells time marches on and we are helpless against it. Optimism is in fact something we can adopt into our nature. A few amigos of mine who have had much misfortune and pain are some of the most pleasurable to be around, they take and hug the passing of the hours like it is a friend, not a foe. I seek out good company because somehow something transfers from them to me. The exact same feeling I project when I massage clients. Smiles are infectious, happiness can be addicting, and it is my job as a body worker to not bring my problems to the massage table (literally). That is why optimism is my middle name.

A healthy attitude about life is layered like a birthday cake. Quality sleep, exercise, nutrition, and love are essential building blocks to start manipulating our future. Those are main ingredients similar to flour, sugar, eggs, and flavor. Once we have our cake the frosting can be added. Travel, our favorite leisure activities, and experiencing new things are all in our grasp if we so desire. When our cake or our lives seem dull and not interesting, we have no one but ourselves to blame. I have seen many times a pure physical change prompt a mental shift as well. Whether we choose a massage, a commitment to running or swimming, a new gym membership, or even changing our hair style or getting that tattoo or piercing, we can empower ourselves beyond who we were yesterday. The greatest of joys can be found in the simplest of things when we are at peace and filled with vitality. A mind-blowing sunset, a genuine smile, a simple shared experience are just a few things that can make life authentic and unifying.

August is here and it can be the greatest months of our lives. Why not go to bed each night, then awake each day, with that simple thought in mind. The contrary is much harder on our souls. We can absolutely change our habits one day at a time. Adopting optimism and the foundations of health, and just getting on with our new selves with be a memory before we know it. Perhaps we can’t even imagine what great joys are ahead of us!

Todd Pequeen is a pioneer of the spa industry here in Manuel Antonio since 2000. He works independently at his tree top studio or at your location and can be reached at 8830-7727. His free time is spent reading, writing, traveling, and spreading love.