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Meet Our Landowner Sponsors

During the 15th anniversary year of the Titi Conservation Alliance (TCA), we feel it is important to recognize the many people and organizations who have supported our projects over the years. From the founding members who legally created the organization to the staff and volunteers, all have had an important impact on improving the habitat of the Titis (and other species as well). This month we would like to especially recognize the landowners who have given their approval to allow us to plant and maintain trees on their property. Many people do not realize that not only do the sponsors “give up” some land but also incur significant out of pocket expenses such as fencing, weeding, and fertilizer so that the young trees can survive the critical first 3 years after planting.

Titi Conservation Alliance

Our first cooperating landowners in 2003 were: Sr. Memey Arias, Sr. Guillermo Rodriguez, Sr.Juan Bautista Alvarado,  and Sr. Vinicio Gamboa . Their lands border the Rio Naranjo near the bridge of Londres and the trees planted back then can now be seen towering near the rivers edge. The devastating flood back in 2010 did significant damage to some parts of our plantings but the vast majority have survived intact. We salute these true pioneers in conservation!

Over the years, other owners have also collaborated generously with our reforestation projects: Palma Tica, Chico Mendez, Lucia Lutz, Christian Lutz, Juan Hernandez, Marcelino Astua , Diego Serrano, Jose Quintana, and Marielos Chaves have dedicated significant areas to allow the Mono Titi space to travel! We sincerely thank you and all the other donors not named for your vision and assistance!

Other Titi Noticias!

*We celebrated World Environment Month in June, by participating in the II Annual Festival de Agua held at Marina Pez Vela on June 17th and 18th. On Friday morning, TCA held a reforestation workshop with children from the Naranjito elementary school at the new site of the Hogar de Ancianos. Thanks to Marine Pez Vela for its continued support of the TCA.

*Congratulations to Hotel Gaia, longstanding member of TCA, for the recent successful birth/hatching of the first 2 Scarlet Macaws born under the reintroduction program initiated by the hotel. Be sure to thank Boris and his staff for the hard work in this outstanding project to improve our areas incredible bio diversity.

Have a great month.
Titi Conservation Alliance- Speaking for those without a voice

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