Manuel Antonio Loses a Dear Friend

JoaquinFrom the mountain of San Ramon (best coffee in the world) to Manuel Antonio beach, Don King was the kindest + most honest + hardest working Tico soul I know, even on Guaro! Always ready to help and give us everything we needed. I shall never forget the last 5 years I spent there and the precious moments with him. At the end ,he almost gave me his computer, how generous he was, never asking anything in return. His great spirit will be with us forever and in my heart, I send him back the beautiful bouquet of exotic flowers he gave me 3 months ago for my birthday. ~Lucie Giroux

This is dedicated to Joaquin Jose Arroyo Chavez who passed away June 1 in Manuel Antonio. A beloved member of our community, most know him as Joaquin of Apartamento de Joaquin’s in Manuel Antonio. Joaquin dedicated his life and energy to that of service and helping others. His ENERGY and amazing smile was wonderful as he successfully housed and helped many many Gringos here. He will also be sadly missd by his family and many Tico friends and neighbors. A very special Costa Rican who touched our lives with much PURA VIDA(a pure life of love and laughter)…allowing us to know and experience why we all love Costa Rica…Joaquin will always be remembered and cherished in our hearts. Mucho Gracious Joaquin para todo… ~Katreena