Kids Saving the Rainforest

KSTR – March 2022

KSTR LogoDaniKids Saving the Rainforest wishes Dani a very Happy Belated Birthday! (Sorry, we are on sloth time!). We can hardly believe Dani just turned 9 years old and has been our Spokes kid for over a year!

Hi Everyone, it’s Dani, your spokes kid for KSTR, Kids Saving the Rainforest!

Today I am so excited to make a big announcement—we’re building a new Nursery at KSTR, to rehabilitate baby animals! I thought that since it’s spring, which is when most babies are born in nature, it was a good time to talk about our new Nursery!

The new Nursery will have 2 stories. The bottom story will be for the “Nursery Mom” to stay comfortably and take care of the animals, and the upper level will be for the babies. If you’re wondering what the “nursery mom” is—all babies we have were abandoned, or don’t have moms, so they need someone to take care of them. That’s where the nursery mom comes in. She takes care of the babies like a child. She feeds them and makes sure their cage is clean and they are taken care of. We usually have 2 nursery moms, who trade shifts every 12 hours because the babies need to be fed as often as every 2 hours—this is an extremely demanding job!

Story tiiiiiiime! In the wild, babies are easy prey for predators. In our old nursery, an Ocelot tried to snatch a 3 toed sloth in the middle of the night. The nursery mom woke up and screamed (as you can imagine!) scaring away the kitty. In the 20 years that KSTR has had a nursery, that was the ONLY time we’d ever seen an Ocelot on the premises!

We are building a new nursery close to the clinic, and other sanctuary cages because Costa Rican law says that nurseries must be together with the rest of the rehabilitation facilities and our current nursery was too far from our clinic and other animals.

We rescue animals in the nursery from 1 day old, up to 9 months old (depending on the species). So far, we’ve raised about $15,000 to pay for the new nursery. If you want to help, we’d love additional support, go to under “Help us Build a New Nursery” or come out for a tour (or send your friends visiting our area to to schedule a tour for themselves 🙂