Kids Saving the RainforestPía Martín

KSTR Fundraiser was a Great Success

We would like to take this time to formally thank all of you who helped Kids Saving the Rainforest raise money for our Wildlife Rescue Center. The event was amazing and we are very grateful to say that we raised more than $4,500!  This will help us to sustain our efforts at the center for a limited period of time and ensure continued maintenance to rescue, rehabilitate and release wildlife in our zone! 

Kids Saving the Rainforest Logo

If you weren’t able to help at the fundraiser, we have a longer term plan that will ensure the beneficial service of the only legal wildlife rescue center available in our zone.

  1. If you wish to be an active member of the Rescue Center, you will be able to use the KSTR Rescue center logo on any communications, websites, Facebook pages you have in exchange for a monthly donation. 
  2. For those of you who wish to make a major contribution, you will be able to take any of your guests, clients, or friends on the Wildlife Sanctuary Educational Tour where we have 30 monkeys and have a legal zoo license. The funds you receive from providing the tour (transportation, guide, and sanctuary rules) will help you to contribute to your monthly donation. 
  3. You will be able to show everyone what you are doing to save the rainforest and wildlife in this area because these animals at the sanctuary are animals from the Rescue Center that Minae will not allow to be released to the wild. Rather than euthanizing them, these animals are brought to the Sanctuary as ambassadors to teach people about the importance of saving the rainforest and for these animals to live a happy, peaceful life. The suggested donations are from $100 to $1000 a month. 

We are very excited to offer these long term options and want to keep this service available for a long time.  With your help, we know we can! 

We look forward to opening communication with you.  If you cannot be involved, please pass this on to everyone you know who might be interested and you will still be helping to save the wildlife of the area!
Thanks so much for everything!”

Pia Martin DVM  KSTR Wildlife Vet
Jennifer Rice PhD, KSTR President