Kids Saving the Rainforest

KSTR’s New Volunteer Coordinator

Pablo Porras-Peñaranda
Pablo Porras-Peñaranda

By Julia Paltseva

Kids Saving the Rainforest is proud to present the newest member of its permanent staff – Pablo Porras-Peñaranda. Pablo, a biologist by training, will now serve as the Volunteer Coordinator. KSTR is a local non-profit organization based in Manuel Antonio whose goal is to preserve and educate about the rainforest and its many animals. As the organization’s popularity and mission has grown, the number of interested volunteers has increased.
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Pablo is a welcome addition to run the volunteer program. He is a native of Heredia, Costa Rica and received his Bachelors degree in Tropical Biology from Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica. While juggling his Coordinator duties, Pablo is concurrently enrolled in a Masters program in Conservation Medicine in San Jose, so he must travel there every weekend. Pablo heard about KSTR through a classmate, María Pía Martín, the KSTR veterinarian. One of the main reasons that drew him to the organization was the prospect of environmental education. Pablo brings a unique perspective to the program with his vision for the future that involves conservation work that mixes ecosystems, involving both animal and human health and well-being.

As one of the first volunteers under Pablo’s guidance, I can vouch for his passion for biology. It is clear that Pablo wants to help humans and animals coexist and is dedicated to KSTR’s causes of rescuing and rehabilitating wild creatures. He explains that he used to want to be a medicine doctor, but after numerous educational and volunteer experiences that include sea turtle conservation and research, bat conservation and research, wildlife rescue, and alternative energy research, Pablo realized that he needs to be outdoors and research animals.

Pablo is a highly qualified individual for the duties of a Volunteer Coordinator in the educational sense. His background in avian research and sustainability projects makes him a good fit for working with an organization so dedicated to helping animals, yet the personal side of Pablo is even more appealing. As a leader, Pablo is very approachable and attentive to his volunteers’ needs. He is quick to answer any questions and alleviate concerns before they arise. Pablo’s mentality of wanting to explore the whole world and develop future young leaders is exactly the open mindset that KSTR values. We are glad to have him on board.