Kids Saving the Rainforest

Kids Saving The Rainforest – February Update

KSTR has been expanding rapidly and we are excited to share it with you!  We have just completed a new volunteer center at our Wildlife Sanctuary with bunkrooms and deluxe rooms.  We have a great program set up for all types of volunteers; long term, short term, and Zoo Keeper experiences.  We are accepting student groups from Universities, High Schools and Middle Schools, from around the world.  We have university groups from Costa Rica as well and are expanding to include high schools on International field trips.

If you would like more information, please contact Pablo, our Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected]

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We have also started our tours, one is a morning tour given by the Zoo Keeper as she feeds the monkeys (Spider monkeys, White Faced Monkeys, Tamarins, and Marmosets) in the Wildlife Sanctuary. This tour is $20 for adults and $10 for children under 16 and is from 8:30 AM until 9:30 AM. We also have another longer tour teaching people about the rainforest, it’s destruction, and how people can help save it no matter where they live. These tours are $39 for Adults and $29 for children under 16.  They also include a fruit break of local fruits that you have probably never seen before. The tours are about 3 hours.  All proceeds go to our Wildlife Rescue Center Program where we rescue, rehabilitate, and release wild animals.  On the property we have a full time Wildlife Vet, a full time Zoo Keeper, a Biologist and a helper.  This program is in dire need of funding so we thank you for helping us to save the wildlife in the rainforest by taking our tour! 

If you don’t have time to take a tour with us, please support saving the rainforest by shopping in our Kids Saving The Rainforest Souvenir Store where 100% of the proceeds go to save the rainforest.  Look for the ad in this Quepolandia for 10% off your shopping in the store.  In the store you can also support our projects by adopting a monkey bridge, adopting an animal, a tree, Vet Care, cage building, food for an animal for a year, or a general donation.  Each person adopting or donating will receive a certificate and your donation/adoption is tax deductible as we are a 501 C 3 in the USA.  Also in Costa Rica we are a registered so that any donation can be deducted from your taxes!  What better way is there to help save the rainforest and the planet in 2012!