Kids Saving the Rainforest

Kids Saving The Rainforest – Solo Mundo Abroad

KSTR is a 20 year old wildlife conservation project based near Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Our organization provides wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release to all species of wildlife native to Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast including squirrel monkeys, howler monkeys, capuchins, sea turtles, dolphins, shorebirds, reptiles, and more. KSTR’s 52 acre property houses a study abroad campus that allows science students to access the surrounding beaches and jungles while having comfortable accommodations.

Current major projects include a wildlife bridge program and construction of a new world-class wildlife hospital and sanctuary.

What we do

We are a study abroad provider with university and conservation organization partners from around the world. Our courses are for highschool, college and university students interested in the fields of biology, ecology, zoology, marine science and veterinary medicine.

Solo Mundo Abroad offers Spring, Summer and Winter study abroad courses in Costa Rica, where students will learn in a tropical environment, in a country rich in biodiversity and natural wealth.

Through this course students will be able to experience the best of Costa Rica while learning through hands-on experiences in places with paradisiacal beaches, protected wilderness areas of tropical forest and ocean, mangrove swamps and marine environments, where species of flora and fauna that are in danger of extinction coexist.

We provide unforgettable hands-on experiences with wildlife, immersed in conservation efforts, that will truly impact the life of the students at a personal and professional level. Students will be able to embrace the opportunity to face real and exciting challenges and be open to experiences that expand their assumptions and perspectives.

Why Us

Hands on experience guided by experts

Students gain unbelievable international travel adventures, where they will share with different cultures, and expand their views and skills that will be able to be applied to their day to day living like: adaptability, leadership skills, oral communication skills, information literacy, critical reasoning, critical thinking, initiative, problem solving, independence, self confidence, civic engagement and global learning.
Students will be able to use their experience as part of their university applications and career journey, but most importantly as their own personal growth. Interested students are able to apply for service hours on their trip at the same time as they build life experiences.

Experienced instructors

Our experienced team of instructors living on site, and guiding the student groups all of the way, provide a family like environment, making students enjoy the experience even more and develop new friendships. The instructors, with their passion for conservation and wildlife, create an adventurous, fun and enthusiastic environment that inspires students while prioritizing student safety with risk management, thorough program planification and emergency protocols.

Individualized education

Each of our programs are of small group sizes of maximum 15 students per group to allow students to take as much advantage of the hands-on experience and have a more individualized education. Small groups also help the students encourage group cohesion and bonding.

Be part of conservation

With the participation in our study abroad programs, it allows Solo Mundo to provide funding to Kids Saving the Rainforest wildlife rescue center, where we rescue, rehabilitate and release wildlife back into their habitat. It also supports our wildlife sanctuary where we give sanctuary to animals that can’t be released back into the wild. We are also able to support our other conservation projects like our reforestation and wildlife bridge project, and our local conservation marine and sea turtle partner projects. Students will actively be making an impact and supporting conservation efforts, while learning.