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Kids Saving the RainForest – November 2013

By Vernita Gundy: KSTR Volunteer Coordinator

Wow, where do we begin? So much has gone on since last month!

We had a good volunteer season with groups like True Nature Education and the BBYO Group. We also had some amazing new volunteers and return volunteers join us this summer. I would like to thank the following volunteers for spending time with us :

Seanna Daise, Jackie and Jaelyn Graber, Kensey Cross, Kerstin Johnson, Michelle Ogilvie, Will Koenig, Dominic and Zack Rauzi, and Hannah Lindstrom. We hope all of you will return in the years to come! 

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Would you believe that we currently have over 70 animals in our Wildlife Sanctuary and Rehab Center? We also now have the 4 species of monkeys native to Costa Rica: Titi, Spider, Capuchin and Howlers. 

The multi species cage that was finally completed in June is now home to 4 adult titi monkeys and a porcupine. We plan to add more animals in the coming months. 

Starting December 1st our KSTR Monkey Tour will also be revamped due to the increased interest to learn more about our organization. 

Our Gerente Pia Martin continues to do her twice a month visits to check on all of the animals and even did an emergency visit to do a surgery on an injured adult howler monkey that is recovering well in our Rehab Center. 

Our goats have been moved to a bigger enclosure neighboring the chickens and have a great place to graze. 

To top it all off we are getting 19 dogs to adopt out! Say what? You heard right! A friend of KSTR’s President is dying and he chose us to take his dogs and to help find them all homes. We currently have 4 of the 19 but are still constructing the housing area for them that used to belong to the chicken and goats. 

We are constantly growing ,which means we will always continue to need your help caring for the animals, please go here to DONATE: http://kidssavingtherainforest.org/donationsadoptions/



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