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Kids Saving the Rainforest – March 2017

KSTR logoHello again, it’s me Lexi, KSTR’s spokeskid.

Owl trapped in barbed wire fenceNow as much as I’d like to turn that sentence into an Adele pun, I was wondering if after all these years I could learn to be a bit more mature. I am about to become a teenager, after all. Anyways, I’m here! I bet you all missed me. I have some great news to share! I got to eat hashbrowns for breakfast. Oh, also, my family saved an owl. What’s that? You’re more interested in the owl? Well, I mean, they were very good hashbrowns, but anything for my fans I guess.

A few weeks ago, my mom spotted an owl. She saw it was flapping its wings, but it didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. She quickly figured out that it was trapped in the barbed wire that encircled an area below our house, our private property. She headed down with my father, and my sister not too far behind, carrying a huge box. (Good job, Peaches!) Unfortunately, I was asleep for all of this, but eventually my father cut the owl out of the barbed wire, being very careful not to touch him. (Remember! Our hands transmit diseases.) They got him into the box, and took him to the KSTR sanctuary! We are happy to say, he’ll be ready for release soon.

Lexi and CoyoteOn a somewhat lighter note, KSTR is excited to be included in a YouTube show, Brave Wilderness, to be available this month! I talked with a man named Coyote! We walked around the sanctuary, and talked about the animals, and different ways to save the rainforest without being directly involved. He also does a lot of crazy stuff himself, such as eating termites, and is quite an entertaining person!

Oh, and I have a new email address, which is not big news in itself, but the purpose of said email address is! It is an email address made solely for answering your questions about KSTR, what we do, and how YOU can save the rainforest. Be sure to contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions you’d like me to answer! And I will see you (Or rather, write you) next month!

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