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High Five For Safety!

Steffie StickheadBrought to you by Steffie Stickhead 

Hi! I’m Steffie Stickhead and I’m your local Safety Stick. This is my first installment in Quepolandia, and I hope you all get high fives for safety! 

Are you going swimming at the beach? Well, be sure to look for signs posted for riptides, and always look at the water first. Here’s what to look for: 

  • Deeper darker water
  • Fewer breaking waves
  • Sometimes sandy colored water extending beyond the surf zone
  • Debris or seaweed 


How to escape a riptide

Sometimes it’s easier to look for where the waves are breaking consistently, and then look to each side where they don’t break consistently. That’s the rip current! 

Here’s a diagram of how to escape a riptide. As you can see, a riptide pulls you out to sea. You must swim in a diagonal line until out of the riptide and then make your way to shore. Stay as calm as possible, panic is your enemy! 

If you’d really like a high five for safety remember to never go out alone, and always use the buddy system at the beach! High Five for Saftety! Everyone stays alive! 

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