Health is WealthTodd Pequeen

Golden Silence

By Todd Pequeen

Is there a game more treacherous than life?  Trying to balance our physical, emotional, and spiritual lives with cultural, religious, and family values can become overwhelming.  Curses and blessings are often one in the same.  Next we intermingle human factors such as desires and mistakes coupled with unanswered issues from childhood or trauma, it’s a wonder we get through our days at all.  To further compound this equation add in some drugs, alcohol, and a lack of exercise and restful sleep, now we are truly climbing up a mountain of challenges.  Whether it is our caffeine fix in the morning, a glass of wine at the end of the day, or a bit of herb passed casually from friend to friend, how can anyone not fall from grace from time to time?  One of the first lessons our children learn is that it is alright to make a mistake as long as one learns from it.  Every elder I know has told me some of their greatest revelations were spurred on by consequential failures.  Is there anyone alive that can say they have never wronged somebody?  Hopefully the values of forgiveness, compassion, and charity are a part of our daily lives.  To quiet all the noise I know of a simple yet often overlooked friend that can help us succeed in this arduous journey called life….silence.  Seeking out silence at least once a day can help everyone improve their lives and their health.

Silence for some conjures up images of loneliness and solitude.  It does not have to be that way, it does not have to be scary or curious.  I doubt if it is even possible to obtain silence – sometimes I swear I can hear my heart beating, other times my breath can be an acoustic muse.  Noise is pervasive and often the antagonist to the many dilemma’s us humans face.  It is hard to stay focused and clear while concentrating, then most of us add in televisions, radios, and cell phones.  The stereo will not miss us if we turn the attention of our minds inward, toward the sounds of a knife striking the wooden cutting board as we prepare our meal.  Here in Manuel Antonio we are fortunate to have a plethora of birds, insects, and weather conditions that can fill our days with Mother Nature Symphony #1.  I have feared silence in the past but not anymore.  I have learned to quiet my world.  Mental and physical chaos can be soothed with one of our best alibi’s, our own peace and quiet. 

Next time a big decision has to be made make it a point to quiet the environment around you.  Have the courage to leave the cell phone at home while you go for a walk.  Make it a priority to not be disturbed during your afternoon siesta.  You deserve to have more time to think, reflect, and most of all dream.  Buy ear plugs if you must but do not be afraid of one of mans greatest confessionals, silence.  Universal energy and knowledge is intrinsically delivered to each one of us yet far too often the noise we create in our lives wins out.  Start slowly and soon ten minutes a day will lead to an hour.  When silence is treated as gold the solitude of an individual becomes powerful and undeniable. 

(Todd Pequeen is a graduate of the New York Institute of Massage and Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork in the USA.  He has worked independently here in Manuel Antonio for 13 years and can be reached at 8830-7727.)