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Fishing is a disease and I’ve got it. Deal with it……

Sarah FishingBy Sarah Munro

So WHAT if it ended my last relationship,  this one is working just fine……

I am so excited……… The OFFSHORE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS ARE JUST ABOUT HERE.  On the other hand, I’m soooo bummed out because the tourney happens after my deadline.  Can’t win it all I guess.  Otherwise, this chick is headed out for some onshore action and from what I hear – It is Totally hitting.  I’ve talked to a few captains in town and apparently there’s been some massive sea bass and red snapper brought in by even rookie anglers…….That’s makin’ my day…….. how ‘bout yours???? 

Sarah FishingOffshore, the action is warming back up.  With a change in weather and currents, the 40 mile line has been coming back in, and guess what – 500 of the best anglers in the WORLD are about to drop lines.  They’ve been arriving low key for the past 2 weeks, testing the grounds, and the numbers are definitely going to give some steep competition……..  I’m not gonna tell ya where I got ‘em, but I’ll tell ya that sailfish numbers are definitely up, and mahi-mahi are starting to run strong.  Marlin are what’s going to win the tournament, and good luck – because they’ve been elusive.  Get one? email me – and be sure to send a time-marked photo, because otherwise, it sooooo doesn’t count.  [email protected]  – BRING IT!!! 

Sarah with her CatchFish like a girl?  I don’t.  Past 5 times I’ve been out I’ve out-fished any boy willing to test his sea legs, and today…….. DUDES THERE IS NO QUESTION.  I am the Queen.  Check out the accompanying photos. 

If you haven’t figured it out by now, you’re HERE, and you need to check out what it feels like to get a BIG ASS FISH on the end of your line.  Whether you’re eating it or tagging and releasing it – it’s all the same, it’s a once in a Lifetime Experience that YOU CAN’T MISS!   And remember……. so what if it ended your last relationship, the relationship you have when you drop a line is more important. 


Sarah Munro is an ex-pat Canadian living in the Manuel Antonio area who has been fishing since infancy.  Rumor has it she gutted her first fish before she was diaper trained.  Her favorite place to hang out is Harley M’s on the Beach, and on the water.

Be sure to check the next Quepolandia, Sarah’s going fishing………