Memoirs of a MasseurTodd Pequeen

Eyes of the World

I try to see other peoples’ lives through their eyes. I try to imagine how they feel, both physically and mentally. I don´t know if this is a common practice for others but it is almost an obsession for me. I do this most accurately when it involves physical feelings. A description from a client or friend, followed by questions, listening, and decades of personal physical experiences, usually leads to an accurate conclusion. My hopes are beyond wanting to relate, I want to change their feelings for the better. First physically with my hands, next emotionally as the two are connected. I see it as my duty and my oath as a massage therapist. I give thanks every day that this is what I do here in wonderful Manuel Antonio. Which just so happens to be a place that tourists seek out. They come here in droves from around the world for a variety of reasons. I live in a town that survives on the tourist dollar. Interest in what we do here, how we see the world, is what we sell.

When I head off on holiday I do so with the intention of trying to see like and feel like a local. Even if it is for a very limited time, I feel like I grow from any fresh change of perspective. Being from a tourist town my ability to stay away from “tourist traps” is fine tuned. I strive for authenticity and quality in my experiences, both of which often need to be found off the beaten path. There is no Four Seasons whitewashing for me, the last thing I want to be is surrounded by a wall and everyone that speaks and acts like they were trained. Variety truly is the spice of life for me, I can become comfortable most anywhere. We are creatures of habit so I find it fascinating that some people always need to feel safety and security, and others embrace the opposite to fuel their lives.

I propose this month we all take more time to try to see and feel like others in our lives. By becoming more connected with humanity we become more connected with ourselves. We can create an internal discipline of curiosity and openness with others which forces us to leave our own agenda behind. In doing so we listen more, we ask more questions, and we broaden our energy and friends. When we begin to see even our enemies through their eyes, and even as brothers and sisters, it is almost impossible to make poor decisions or behave selfishly. The more people we digest mentally, the more rich our spiritual selves can be. I wish I lived this way years ago, but now there is no looking back. I am growing eyes for the world.

(Todd Pequeen is temporarily working in the United States and Canada for September and October. He will be ready for action In November. He hopes to get his hands on you then! Enjoy the quiet months of beautiful Manuel Antonio.)