Memoirs of a MasseurTodd Pequeen

End of Vacation

memoirs of a massuer headerWe live in a world today which is always striving to make the tasks of daily living faster and easier. Our physical, mental, and spiritual health should be at an all-time high compared to decades of the past. Modern innovations in this high-tech day and age should be leaving us with more time and money, if we play our cards right, to cultivate ourselves in whatever we choose….health, love, art, travel, amongst other fine things in life. I wonder why most people never feel like the weekend is long enough, why our favorite activities get less and less attention as we grow older, or quite possibly that the sense of stillness, or simply having time on our hands, may be subconsciously being avoided. I know many people who never feel freedom or embrace the notion of nothing to do, nowhere to be. For these people it is impossible to just “detach” as they are creatures of habit, robotic.

Every year I try to give myself a nice long break for my body and mind to renew itself. To be defined by or encapsulated by a job, relationship, or activity 24/7 I have realized stifles creative thoughts, new goal setting, and the natural process and manifestation of growing older, wiser, and more fulfilled with my life. My favorite holidays are to big cities. I live in a town located in a jungle, at the beach “paradise” of Manuel Antonio. I love living here but my first choice for travel is to the urban jungle. I adore interacting with people who work steady long hours at a job they most likely don’t love, the contrast creates wonderful dynamics. I notice their ever coveted “holidays” are the end all be all of inspiration. These several weeks of year are often looked forward to for months in advance as the holiday weeks are sacred, ranked just above three-day holiday weekends. Does it ever seem like the ball always seems to be in another person’s court? Is it possible to maintain a perfect balance between beach, sand, sun, to the culture, art, and financial benefits of city living? I propose that it is, yet it must be a goal worked at as hard as our other priorities. Dream it first, then achieve it.

I have always maintained doing what you love to be the most important thing in life. Even if what you love most is sleeping…well, make the time to do it and be aware of the trade-offs. Eventually, when you’ve had enough sleep, you will sense it and I guarantee you will know that you are ready for a change. Our body and mind knows naturally when they need more work or play, the key is being able to listen. Hard work and short term goals are two simple ways of staying fresh and energetic as time passes. Modern day living should be about capitalizing on inventions to create happier lives and more grounded souls. I feel it is very important for all of us to step back, take a look at our lives, give ourselves breaks when we need them, and quite simply live the “pura vida” lifestyle even if we live thousands of miles away. The vacation never needs to end when the appropriate attitude is adopted.

(Todd Pequeen can be reached at 8830-7727 or via e-mail at [email protected]. He works independently at his tree top studio or your location. His free time is spent reading, writing, surfing, traveling, and spreading the love.)