Health is WealthTodd Pequeen


by Todd Pequeen

“With nothing to risk the Gods need no courage.”

Courage is a relative word by nature. It cannot stand alone, by definition it is simply a response. An ability to welcome something new, difficult, or challenging. This process is positive and fun for some, negative and stressful for others. I propose that we all look at ways to welcome courageous acts into our lives. Day to day living normally isn’t seen as a courageous thing to do. It can be however, to a great advantage. Our daily routines and responsibilities can feel like new if we simply add awareness to the people and events of the world going on around us. By having the courage to do more, be more, care more, and spread more love our daily lives will feel more vibrant and satisfying. I have always been delighted by people who “put themselves out there,” only risking playing the fool. It is no easy task to go outside of our own boundaries, but if we do we can reap the benefits of evolving and becoming wiser.

Our attitude while facing a situation that is perceived as challenging, or painful, requires courage. Anytime we withdraw or shy away from something, it is because we do not have the fortitude to face the facts and to work through it. I have always considered life to be a series of hardships that will never end. I get tremendously bored when nothing new is happening either internally or externally. I am the one responsible however, that must instigate new challenges, lofty goals, and to be ready to risk failing. When I do this personally, physically, and spiritually, life feels fresh and rewarding. Courage to change and to achieve is our responsibility alone. Our free will is a gift from the heavens, we must use this to challenge ourselves and to summons courage. A fearless attitude toward new things results in greater self-knowing and moves the process of maturation on and on endlessly. Great awards await those who seek them out.

I wonder why some people accomplish more, live with a higher energy, spread more smiles, joy, and positivity to society around them. I believe the simple answer is courage. Courage lies both within the solider fighting overseas and with the committed parents of a child. Courage is doing the right thing and extending more than a helping hand, when its the last thing one wants to do. I see courage around me within the friends I have in this jungle community, who left their families and culture behind to form a new one here in Costa Rica. Progression takes courage and doing the same old thing over and over again is simply fear. More vitality can be achieves by liberating our own thoughts and judgments and opening our minds to the benefits of possibility. Maybe today is the day to try to surf a wave, ride a canopy tour, raft a river, or to simply go out and make a new friend. Manuel Antonio has always been a location of courageous people, laced with a bit of selfishness. Locals who have a high value on their time and take it or give it appropriately. We can explore courage on every level and if we take the time to engage the physical, emotional, and spiritual courage we have; we may just be able to slow the hands of time! Fearless of what may come with the challenges we drive ourselves to explore.

(Todd Pequeen is a graduate of the N.Y. Institute of massage and has been working independently here in Manuel Antonio for 10 years. He can be reached at 8847-2010.)