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Citizen Sloth Scientist Program

We are so excited to announce our new Citizen Sloth Scientist program!

Manuel Antonio is the most visited national park in Costa Rica. The natural beauty of the rainforest meeting the ocean is irresistible and of course the wildlife is incredible! Especially the sloths (we aren’t biased at all)!

But when you see a sloth in the trees, have you ever had questions? Take our Citizen Sloth Scientist survey and let us know what you saw and where. Don’t know what you saw? No problem! This survey will give you our best guess (based on your responses) at the end. You will also have the opportunity to upload photos as well.

Why? Not a lot is known about the overall population of sloths in the wild. Any information can be helpful in planning future studies. You will also learn a lot about sloths and who you saw while taking this survey!

In addition to giving us preliminary information about sloths around Manuel Antonio, you can also report a sloth in danger (like on electric wires or in a house) as you are redirected to our emergency number (87-SLOTHS) where our 24/7 expert sloth team will come to assess the situation in a hurry! We will also work to mitigate the danger through our collaborations with the local ICE and Fire department and habitat restoration techniques.


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