Brisa Elegante

Brisa Elegante: The New Experience in Quepos-Manuel Antonio

Looking over Marina Pez Vela, the wooden sail cruiser Brisa Elegante dominates the view of the marina. She has become the new landmark of Quepos and Manuel Antonio.

Your cruise on Brisa Elegante starts from here and takes you out on the Pacific Ocean. 

So, how is sailing on Brisa Elegante?

After leaving the marina and setting the sails, the long pacific waves gently roll the cruiser. This feels a bit like sitting in a giant rocking chair on the front porch—with a gigantic view!

Watch the dolphins playing under the bowsprit and how they are chasing each other. Just relax and enjoy the sound of the wind in the sails and the water murmuring under the keel.
What are our guests saying?

Daniela from Switzerland is taking a deep breath, saying: “Now I really feel like being on vacation!”.

Anne-Marie from Canada is happy: “This is the single best experience I had during my stay in Costa Rica.”

How does the crew experience Brisa Elegante?

Well, here are some insights.

Let’s hear Don Oscar “Chirrasqui”, the capitán. He has been working on ships his whole life, sailing in North, Central, and South America.

“Brisa Elegante is a grand lady, and she deserves our attention, love, and care!”, he laughs and pads the steering wheel. “She is definitely out of the ordinary, and sailing with her is exciting!”

Christopher “Kirikito” is the 1st Mate onboard and responsible for the well-being of the guests. He has some 20 years of experience with passenger vessels under his belt. He is happy to have two bars to cater to his guests.

He says: “The large deck area, the lounge area in the cockpit, and the saloon give the guests ample space to enjoy the cruise and to interact. This makes the trip with Brisa Elegante such a personal and unique experience.”

Christian has delivered Brisa Elegante from Florida through the Caribbean and the Panama Canal to Costa Rica. He experienced her as a solid and well-built ship, ready to welcome guests on board to show them her beauty.

After having passed the islands near Manual Antonio Beach, Brisa Elegante is heading to her mooring. Now is the time to put the water toys in the water! Try kayaking, or grab the stand-up paddleboards, and go swimming and snorkeling.
Work up an appetite for the delicious meal that Iván, our chef, is preparing for you. He uses fresh, local ingredients, preparing everything fresh—and you will taste it! Melanie, our Chief Stewardess, is happy to top up your plate or mix you a cocktail or two.

After the meal, relax on your way back to the marina and enjoy the scene. If you have chosen a sunset cruise, enjoy the stunning view of the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean!

After our return to the marina, Daniela recognizes: “This trip is packed with experiences and impressions. Hard to believe that you can put this much in a half-day cruise.” Walking down the gangway, she says: “I will be back for my next vacation. For sure!”

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